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Disability Resources

Disability Resources Logo

Our Mission

We work with a diverse population of students with documented disabilities to assure equal educational access.  We seek to collaborate with all components of the University community to increase awareness, remove barriers, and promote an inclusive environment where students are empowered to be successful  learners, self-advocates, and citizen leaders.



Our Vision

We strive to create a universally inclusive campus through innovative and individualized practices that foster independent and confident students, informed and engaged faculty, and creates a collaborative and welcoming campus community for all.



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  • Accommodation and Alternate Format Forms - Fall 2015

    Just a reminder regarding your fall semester checklist with Disability Resources. In order to prepare for the upcoming semester please; make sure that you have completed both your accommodations and alternate format forms. All student's won't be able to use accommodations until forms have been submitted to your Professors. Forms are located on the right side of the website home page. Submit them online to disabilityresources@longwood.edu.

  • Campus Accessibility

    Automatic Door Not Working?  Problems with a Curb Cut?  Use this campus accessibility form (pdf) to report barriers to accessibility on campus!
    We strive to maintain an accessible campus.  Please feel free to call our office or e-mail us at disabilityresources@longwood.edu for more information!