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5th Annual Walk N' Roll for Campus Inclusion & Accessibility

5th Annual Walk N' Roll for Campus Inclusion & Accessibility

April 8th | 4pm | Chi Fountain

The Walk N' Roll Event works to make the Longwood campus community aware of inclusion and accessibility issues related to individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to raise increased awareness within our campus community.








Inclusive Environment Pledge

I believe that access to social spaces is a right that belongs to everyone.

I believe that when anyone is excluded from public spaces and events, every person loses.

I believe that all people are valuable and have something unique to contribute to the world.

If you believe then sign our pledge today!

Thanks to the following individuals listed below that have signed our Inclusive Environment Pledge. If you would like to sign the pledge then please send a email to disabilityresources@longwood.edu. Thank you for your continued support.

Sonja Ast, Chief Bob Beach, Sherries Campbell, Diane Easter, Lindsay Farrar, Sarah Hobgood, Maureen Walls-McKay, Cora O'Neal, Jamie Riley, Sarah Sprague, Cameron Patterson, Joanna Baker, Suzy Palmer, Semein Washington, Chuck Wongus, Bronwynne Curtindale, Maureen Walls-McKay, Marissa Musumecia, Allison Stamper, Matt McGregor, Sasha Trent, Amanda Riggleman, Rebecca "Becky" Shields, Maggie Butler.


To Request Reasonable Accommodations Contact

Disability Resources
Graham Hall - 116