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Inclusive Excellence Award






Dr. Rhonda Brock-Servais and Mr. Joshua Blakely are the recipients of the 2014 Inclusive Excellence Award

Dr. Rhonda Brock-Servais, Professor of English and Mr. Joshua Blakely, Associate Director for On-Campus Living are the recipients of the 2014 Inclusive Excellence Award. This award is presented annually by the Office of Disability Resources. Staff members presented the award at the 2014 Diversity Awards Banquet held in April. The banquet was hosted by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.

The Inclusive Excellence Award in its third year recognizes one faculty and staff member that has made significant contributions to the campus community in the area of inclusive design and practice during the academic year. Previous recipients include Dr. Ruth Meese, Dr. Wade Edwards, and Ms. Jonnelle Davis.

Dr. Rhonda Brock-Servais has worked to promote inclusive practices within the classroom. She accomplishes this by learning, listening, and applying. In reference to inclusive practices Dr. Brock-Servais stated "I’ve learned each of these things over the years, and every year I seek to apply them, striving to increase my classroom’s inclusivity. Perhaps this is a piecemeal approach; however, I believe the focus is then where it belongs - on the students and their capacity for learning and the ways I can find to maximize that".

Mr. Joshua Blakely has worked to promote an inclusive environment within Residential & Commuter Life by helping to ensure the accessibility of the physical environment and being inclusive of a variety of learning styles. Mr. Blakely has also collaborated with the faculty members of LU@YNP to make the experience more accessible and inviting for students with disabilities. The individual nominating Mr. Blakely stated the following "Josh is willing to work with students to ensure programs sponsored by RCL are inclusive. Furthermore, Josh is always thinking about situations from multiple perspectives (including ability) and is always the first person to bring up concerns related to ability. Furthermore, Josh continues to educate himself on various issues impacting the Office of Disability Resources".

Lindsay Farrar, Director of Disability Resources commented "Both individuals have been great supporters of Disability Resources and its mission. Our office has had the opportunity to collaborate with these recipients and look forward to continuing those positive partnerships for our students." For more information regarding the Inclusive Excellence Award please contact our office at 434.395.2391 or disabilityresources@longwood.edu.  


Inclusive Excellence Award


The establishment of this award is an effort by the Office of Disability Resources to recognize faculty and staff members who share and help promote our mission.


The Inclusive Excellence Award is given to one member of the Longwood faculty and staff that have made significant contributions to the campus community in the area of inclusive design and practice during the past academic year. (i.e. ensuring an off-campus trip is accessible for all students participating, including accessibility statement on marketing materials)

The Inclusive Excellence Award recognizes members of our campus community that promote inclusive practices within the classroom, through programmatic efforts, through their daily job duties, and through daily campus involvement.

The recipient of this award has gone above and beyond in working with students with disabilities, and has been supportive of the Office of Disability Resources mission and vision.

Nomination and Selection Process:

  • Faculty and Staff members can be nominated for this award by any Longwood student, faculty, or staff member.

  • The person nominating must state how the individual has incorporated inclusive practices into the classroom, programmatic efforts, daily job duties, or through daily campus involvement.

  • A brief description of the nominee’s distinctive qualities as a faculty or staff member and how they have provided a supportive and positive learning environment for students with disabilities must be provided.

  • Once a faculty or staff member is nominated then they will be asked to submit additional information.

  • The selection committee will review all information received and make the final decision.

Award Presentation:

The award will be presented to the faculty and staff member in April at the Diversity & Inclusion Awards Banquet. Following the presentation of the award an announcement of the Inclusive Excellence Award recipients will be made to the campus community via email by the Director for Disability Resources (through the VP SA’s Office). The recipient will also be recognized via a plaque that will visible in the Disability Resources Office.

Nomination and Selection Process

  • February 12th, 2014 - Campus Announcement
  • March 14th, 2014 - Nomination Deadline, 5pm
  • March 28th, 2014 - Deadline for Faculty & Staff Nominee's to submit additional information
  • April 4th, 2014 - Committee Review & Selection
  • Mid April, 2014 - Award Presented at Diversity & Inclusion, Awards Banquet

Questions and Concerns Contact;

Cam Patterson '10
Program Coordinator