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The Office of Disability Resources provides many resources to the campus community in addition to the accommodations that are provided to registered students. Our office seeks to be a resource, connecting students, faculty, staff, and visitors with the appropriate resources to aid their experience here at LU. This section of the website offers a variety of on and off campus resources. You can always contact our office if you have further questions.


ODR Campus Presentations

Being Inclusive of ALL Students
Food for Thought - Soar in Four
October, 2013

Being Inclusive of ALL Students - This presentation was facilitated by Cam Patterson, Program Coordinator and provides students with some apps to facilitate better study and organization habits.

Apps for Students: Study & Organization


Universal Design for Learners
DEC Lunch & Learn
November 4th, 2014

Dana Kieran, Asst. Director for Disability Resources shares some quick tips that will allow you to create a more inclusive learning environment  for students.

Universal Design for Learners


I Can't Hear You, But I Might Not Tell You: Creating a Safe Environment for Disclosure
Student Affairs, Monthly Meeting
November 6th, 2014

Lindsay Farrar, Director and Dana Kieran, Asst. Director share some important tips for creating and facilitating a safe environment for student disclosure.

Creating a Safe Environment for Disclosure




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