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Group Counseling

Body BaLancer Group

This is a confidential support and psychoeducation group for students experiencing body dissatisfaction, food or weight preoccupations, overly rigid exercise routines, compulsive over or under-eating, or purging behaviors.  Group members will find support and feedback through others who are dealing with similar issues.  Additionally, group members will gain knowledge about possible causes  of body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, as well as strategies to cope with these issues.  The goals of the group include reducing and eliminating disordered eating behaviors and strengthening appreciation of one’s body. 

If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Krysten Heath or Dr. Walls-McKay at 434.395.2409.



Succeed Socially

College is a time of excitement, challenge, and growth—socially as well as academically.  It may be difficult to feel comfortable at times.  Loneliness and fear are common, normal feelings that many students experience.  Succeed Socially is a group designed to help make the process of forming friendships a little easier.  Each week, the group will focus on learning social skills to enhance and build friendships and explore new ways of being socially engaged on campus.

If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. Davino at 434.395.2409.



ACT Group

This group was started as an office collaboration between the Counseling Center and Office of Disability Resources in the Fall '09 and will continue in the Fall '14 semester. The group is open to any student who has officially registered with the Office of Disability Resources. The group meets in the Office of Disability Resources conference room. 

Advocacy, Communication, and Transition are at the core of what we discuss in this support group format. The students who have committed to each other for once a week for the better part of two semesters have found the group to be therapeutic and comfortable enough to openly discuss ideas and conflicts in their lives and process them with each other.

For more information contact the Office of Disability Resources.


Stress & Anxiety Management

The group's primary theoretical focus will be cognitive-behavioral as well as be a support group for students who have difficulty managing stress and anxiety.  This will be an open group and each week will introduce new techniques on managing stress.  The first week will be an introduction which will discuss and formulate the rules of the group as well as go over issues of confidentiality.  First week will also have each member introduce themselves and discuss how stress is impacting them.  In the following weeks information on stress/anxiety management as well as cognitive-behavioral interventions will be introduced.  The objective of the psychoeducational information is to help students be aware of healthy vs. dysfunctional stress, how to much stress impacts our functioning, and the physiological impact of stress on the body.  Interventions will include learning stress tolerance, meditation Mindfulness exercises, importance of physical exercise, and deep breathing.

A stress management plan will also be discussed from a strength-based approach.  The stress management plan will make group members aware of how stress impacts them physically, emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, and socially.  The stress management plan also will address from a strength based approach of adopting new as well as past successful strategies to help group members deal with stress in all areas of functioning. 

The second phase of the group will be a support group where each one discusses their stress each week and how they coped with their anxiety as well as receiving and providing support for other group members.  Issues of time management and procrastination may also be addressed as additional topics if necessary as they are often related to stress/anxiety.

If you are interested in the group and/or have questions, please contact Dr. David Davino at 434-395-2409.