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Why Should I Recruit and Hire COMM Majors from Longwood?

Fink with Menendez

If for no other reason, you can evaluate our students based upon the academic rigor of our program.

The following skills should interest you as a potential employer:

  • Our students get hours of practice communicating effectively using both the spoken and the written word.
  • Our students develop effective research and problem-solving skills.
  • All of our students complete a 20 - 30 page senior research project.
  • Our students gain valuable experience working collaboratively on team projects.
  • All of our graduates have successfully completed internship experiences.

Thinking About Hiring a Longwood COMM Major?

Listen to what previous internship sponsors are saying:

ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve are incredible . . . a tremendous asset to the summer conference program

one of the best interns we have ever hosted . . . input and energy in assisting on many of our projects was invaluable

(our intern) was great -- send more interns!

a pleasure to work with . . . professionalism, "can do" attitude and work ethic were great benefits to us

upbeat and "team player" attitude was a constant mainstay to day-to-day duties that would surely be beneficial to any organization

would go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure work was completed . . . best intern I've had to supervise--what a privilege--thank you!

helped in programming, promotion, production, traffic and continuity . . .a pleasure to work with and an excellent representative for Longwood . . . if indicative of your students, you are doing a fine job!