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Digital Media Concentration

Digital Media Concentration


Mass Media class

Are you always curious about the hidden stories that shape our world?  Do you love the technologies like video, podcasts, social media, and the web that lets you tell these stories to people around the globe?

Are you interested in working in television or news industries, video production, social media management, or marketing?  If these types of careers sound interesting to you, consider joining the Digital Media concentration.


Communication Studies Core Classes

  • COMM 101 Public Speaking
  • COMM 141 Introduction to Media Writing
  • COMM 200 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 210 Media & Society
  • COMM 320 Communication in a Diverse Society
  • COMM 410 Digital & Social Media Technologies
  • COMM 460 Communication Research Methods & Prospectus
  • COMM 461 Senior Seminar
  • COMM 492 Communication Internship

Classes Required for the Digital Media Concentration

  • COMM 240 Digital Editing
  • COMM 341 Advanced Media Writing
  • COMM 345 Media Globalization
  • COMM 355 Media Production
  • COMM 445 Digital Storytelling
  • Prep