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Mass Media

Mass Media Concentration


So you want to be the next Oprah or Stuart Scott. Or maybe you'd like to become an award-winning journalist. Perhaps you'd rather be behind the camera, or the editor who pulls it all together. If these jobs sound cool to you, then consider our Mass Media Concentration.

In conjunction with the core curriculum in Communication Studies, the Mass Media Concentration is designed to prepare students to become effective critics and consumers of mass media, and to prepare students for careers in a marketplace increasingly dominated by convergent media. To this end, students learn skills in print reporting, writing and production, broadcast writing, production, and editing, and creation of digital communication.


Communication Studies Core Classes

  • COMM 101 Public Speaking
  • COMM 200 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 210 Media & Society
  • COMM 310 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 460 Communication Research Methods & Prospectus
  • COMM 461 Senior Seminar
  • COMM 492 Communication Internship

Classes Required for  Mass Media Concentration

  • COMM 241 Basic Media Reporting & Writing
  • COMM 251 Principles of Page & Digital Design
  • COMM 322 Media Law
  • COMM 325 Media Criticism
  • COMM 341 Advanced Media Reporting and Writing
  • COMM 343 Broadcast Production
  • COMM 410 Computer-Mediated Communication
  • COMM 443 Advanced Broadcast Production