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General Education Requirements

The General Education curriculum is much more than "required courses."


General Education classes are essential for communication related careers. Your professional life will require mastery of a variety of subjects in order to understand and solve problems. These courses are required of all of our students because Longwood University firmly believes that the foundation of a classic liberal arts education is critical to the school's mission to "develop citizen leaders who are prepared to make positive contributions to the common good of society." 

More information about the General Education Goals 1-15, and the courses you can take to satisfy these goals can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.




How Can I Best Prepare for a Career or Graduate School?

Declare a Minor

Many Communication Studies majors choose a minor to better prepare them for their careers or continuing on to graduate school.  Common minors students choose include:

Bolster your "real world" experience on campus

When you graduate, you should have a full professional portfolio.  Your portfolio will be even better when you demonstrate how you use the skills and knowledge you are learning in your Communication Studies classes by developing projects in campus organizations.  Click here to see how you can get involved (and have fun too!). 


Camera fun