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chemistry class

Calling All Chemistry Alumni

There have been lots of changes here in the last few years and we would love to tell you about them. We have a new building, new labs, new faculty, and new instrumentation. There are many new students doing lots of interesting projects. We also have new ideas that we would like to share, so we are thinking about starting a newsletter for chemistry alumni and friends of Longwood Chemistry.

Help us figure out the best way to make the newsletter by sending us your thoughts on these important questions:

  • What would you like to know about Longwood Chemistry?
  • What would you like to know about your fellow alumni?
  • How should we distribute the newsletter and in what format?
  • Can you think of a clever name for our newsletter?
  • Are you interested in an informal reunion at Octoberfest or Spring Weekend?
  • Do you have other suggestions?

We are working on new ways to keep in touch with you, the alumni, and to help you keep in touch with each other.

Help us out by sending us an email with your current contact information and tell us what you have been doing recently.