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University of Tennessee

Dual-Degree Program: University of Tennessee Requirements

Students transferring to the University of Tennessee and successfully completing the curriculum will earn the Bachelor of Science in nuclear engineering.

What engineering disciplines are available?

Nuclear (This agreement was made for several reasons, but foremost was the demise of the nuclear engineering program at Uva. Under our agreement, Longwood students may enroll in this program for Tennessee in-state tuition rates, which are currently considerably lower than rates for similar engineering programs in Virginia. The outlook for nuclear engineering careers in the next century is very good.)

What are the requirements for admission into the dual degree program at the University of Tennessee?

The student should have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 to be accepted into the program.

What additional courses are required for transfer?

Math 343 (Linear Algebra), CMSC 204 (Introduction to Programming), CMSC 206 (Data Structures in Advanced Programming), both Physics electives (PHYS 324 Thermodynamics and PHYS 326 Optics). To fulfill UT general education requirements, students should also take a three-credit course for Longwood Gen Ed goal 10 (Ethics) and should also take ENGL 483. If possible, the above courses should be take prior to transfer, but some can be taken at UT if necessary.