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Minor Requirements

Chemistry Minor

Students interested in pursuing a chemistry minor should contact the director of the chemistry program (Dr. Melissa Rhoten).
Grades below C- are not accepted for the minor. The minor must include:

  • CHEM 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry I/4 credits
  • CHEM 112 Fundamentals of Chemistry I/4 credits
  • CHEM 305 Organic Chemistry I Lecture/3 credits
  • CHEM 306 Organic Chemistry II Lecture/3 credits
  • CHEM 307 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I/1 credit
  • CHEM 308 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II/1 credit
  • CHEM 350 Quantitative Analysis/4 credits
  • 3-4 semester hours chemistry electives (CHEM 270, 324, 351, 371-375, 401, 412)