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Dean's List

Spring 2014

  2014 Spring Dean's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the Dean's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  3.500-3.999 on a minimum of 12 semester hours taken with no grade below "C-."  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.
  Adcock, Brittany Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Andrino, Natalie Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Ast, Sonja Therapeutic Recreation
  Back, Katelyn Social Work
  Bates, Lindsey Kinesiology
  Becker, Edward Kinesiology
  Beebe, Kaitlin Kinesiology
  Biggers, Jessica Social Work
  Bridgwater, Brittany Kinesiology
  Broglio, Angela Social Work
  Brown, Ashley Kinesiology
  Brown, Kandice Therapeutic Recreation
  Brown, Ronnie Kinesiology
  Burris, Jennifer Kinesiology
  Buschmann, Ryan Kinesiology
  Buzzelli, Lauren Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Carlson, Mackenzie Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Carr, Casey Social Work
  Carter, Kelsey Social Work
  Castleman-Dry, Olivia Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Cava, Jennifer Therapeutic Recreation
  Cave, Taylor Kinesiology
  Cerreto, John Social Work
  Cheney, Abigail Social Work
  Davis, Hannah Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Donahue, Jacklyn Therapeutic Recreation
  Duncan, Morgan Social Work
  Eanes, Brittany Social Work
  Early, Elizabeth Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Ellis, Morgan Therapeutic Recreation
  Evans, Taylor Social Work
  Ferrell, Benjamin Kinesiology
  Finn, Matthew Kinesiology
  Foley, Robert Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Gangitano, Christian Kinesiology
  Gately, Taylor Kinesiology
  Giles, Grace Athletic Training
  Goetz, Melissa Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Gooch, Samantha Social Work
  Goode, Ariel Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Grandy, Nicole Social Work
  Hall, Horace Social Work
  Hammack, Holly Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Hammons, Sarah Kinesiology
  Hargrave, Sterling Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Harris, Timothy Kinesiology
  Harrover, Samantha Kinesiology
  Hedgepeth, Megan Kinesiology
  Henderson, Jarrett Kinesiology
  Henning, Caitlin Kinesiology
  Hinson, Clayton Kinesiology
  Horton, Katie Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  House, Michael Kinesiology
  Hurley, Shannon Social Work
  Hurt, Kiara Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Jackson, Leigh Social Work
  Justice, Michael Kinesiology
  Kabis, Margaret Kinesiology
  Keefer, Thomas Kinesiology
  Keene, Elizabeth Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Klatt, Emily Social Work
  Lambert, William Kinesiology
  Law, Andrew Kinesiology
  Lewis, Brittany Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Lifsey, Casey Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Loftis, Elizabeth Kinesiology
  Marshall, Brent Athletic Training
  McClellan, Darby Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Mills, Kayla Social Work
  Murphy, Emily Kinesiology
  Nichol, Kyle Kinesiology
  Norvell, Madison Kinesiology
  O'Berry, Casey Therapeutic Recreation
  Olijar, Valerie Kinesiology
  Ouch, Boran Kinesiology
  Owens, Kelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Parker, Christine Social Work
  Parker, Jessica Kinesiology
  Patrick, Amber Kinesiology
  Patterson, Taylor Social Work
  Payne, Lilly Kinesiology
  Pegelow, Rachel Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Peirce, Taylor Social Work
  Phillips, Samantha Kinesiology
  Piekarski, Katherine Therapeutic Recreation
  Pippin, Ellery Therapeutic Recreation
  Putnam, Amy Kinesiology
  Ray, Christine Therapeutic Recreation
  Rew, Paige Social Work
  Romig, Carissa Kinesiology
  Rosko, Kelly Kinesiology
  Rowe, Courtney Social Work
  Russell, Emily Social Work
  Russo, Kelly Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Sacks, Hanna Kinesiology
  Saunders, Tiffany Social Work
  Sepelyak, Caitlin Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Simeck, Sheridan Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Sims, Aaron Kinesiology
  Sinclair, Marykate Social Work
  Smith, Danielle Social Work
  Soares, Rebecca Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Stephens, Elizabeth Therapeutic Recreation
  Stump, Mariah Therapeutic Recreation
  Sweat, Ellen Kinesiology
  Taylor, Kristen Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Taylor, Melanie Therapeutic Recreation
  Thompson, April Social Work
  Toth, Brittany Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Treadway, Ashley Communication Sciences & Disorders
  VanNatter, Valerie Social Work
  Vickers, Christina Athletic Training
  Voorhees, Hailey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Walker, Chiquita Social Work
  Walters, Danielle Social Work
  Ware, Jayde Therapeutic Recreation
  Williams, Cameron Kinesiology
  Williams, Meggan Pre-Communication Sci & Disorders
  Wind, Sarah Kinesiology
  Wise, Douglas Kinesiology
  Wiseman, Jacob Kinesiology
  Witcher, Alexander Social Work
  Wood, Mairin Athletic Training
  Zwiefelhofer, Chelsea Social Work