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Dean's List

Fall 2015

  2015 Fall Dean's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the Dean's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  3.500-3.999 on a minimum of 12 semester hours taken with no grade below "C-."  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.
Allard, Julie Social Work
Anderson, Devin Kinesiology
Barker, Brie Communication Sciences & Disorders
Bell, Cody Kinesiology
Bennett, Colter Kinesiology
Booker, Jyniya Social Work
Brody, Ben Kinesiology
Broglio, Angie Social Work
Brooks, Danielle Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Brown, Ashley Kinesiology
Brown, Lindsey Kinesiology
Burris, Jennifer Kinesiology
Butler, Katie Therapeutic Recreation
Butler, Sarah Kinesiology
Callender, Mary Social Work
Candler, Hannah Social Work
Carlson, Mackenzie Communication Sciences & Disorders
Carpenter, Coley Kinesiology
Carter, Kelsey Social Work
Chapman, Jordan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Chevlin, Lydia Social Work
Clark, Jackson Kinesiology
Clarke, Jessica Therapeutic Recreation
Collins, Tori Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Conaghan, Laura Kinesiology
Cowardin, Gabrielle Kinesiology
Crain, Lindsey Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Critzer, Allison Social Work
Cutten, Maddie Kinesiology
Dalton, Kerby Social Work
Davis, Caitlin Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Davis, Laura Kinesiology
De Leos, Denissa Bianca Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Dean, Celia Social Work
Diamond, Dana Social Work
Doss, Devan Kinesiology
Doughty, Chase Social Work
Drake, Elisabeth Therapeutic Recreation
Dunbar, Lynsey Kinesiology
Edwards, Celia Kinesiology
Edwards, Manna Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Eimer, Holli Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Fry, Natalie Kinesiology
Frye, Tracy Kinesiology
Gagne, Jayme Social Work
Garcia, Maggi Social Work
Gargiulo, Abby Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Garland, Sierra Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Gately, Taylor Kinesiology
Gomez, Elise Social Work
Gonzalez, Christina Kinesiology
Gray, Kila Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Greene, Mallory Therapeutic Recreation
Grindstaff, Conner Kinesiology
Grubbs, Megan Therapeutic Recreation
Gunn, Megan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Halbeisen, Becca Social Work
Hall, Michelle Social Work
Hargrave, Rose Communication Sciences & Disorders
Harrell, Selena Therapeutic Recreation
Harris, Monique Social Work
Harris, Timmy Kinesiology
Harver, Courtney Therapeutic Recreation
Henning, Caitlin Kinesiology
Hester, Damon Kinesiology
Hinson, Lauren Therapeutic Recreation
Hogan, Cece Social Work
Hosang, Mikah Kinesiology
Hughes, Danyelle Kinesiology
Jarrett, Sara Therapeutic Recreation
Jones, Abby Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Joynes, Alexandra Therapeutic Recreation
Kabis, Molly Kinesiology
Kelly, Brianna Kinesiology
Knowsley, Kristen Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kratzer, Collin Athletic Training
Krause, Emily Kinesiology
Lacks, Sarah Social Work
Landis, Kourtney Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lanham, Morgan Kinesiology
Lankford, April Athletic Training
Leake, Carter Kinesiology
Lewis, Emily Social Work
Mantlo, Mackenzie Kinesiology
Marioneaux, Laura Kinesiology
Marshall, Anna Social Work
Maupin, Jacque Social Work
Mawyer, Marc Kinesiology
McCabe, Jacqueline Communication Sciences & Disorders
McKee, Colin Kinesiology
McPherson, Chase Kinesiology
Mickles, Aspen Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Miller, Madison Kinesiology
Minnott, Justin Kinesiology
Moorefield, Mason Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Moses, Amanda Athletic Training
Neisius, Victoria Kinesiology
Norton, Summer Social Work
O'Berry, Casey Therapeutic Recreation
Pair, Alex Kinesiology
Parker, Christine Social Work
Payton, Amanda Therapeutic Recreation
Pierson, Jenna Athletic Training
Pillay, Cassi Kinesiology
Purcell, Hunter Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Ramirez, Dylan Kinesiology
Richio, Mary Social Work
Ritchie, Liz Social Work
Ross, Ellen Kinesiology
Routzahn, Samantha Therapeutic Recreation
Sadler, Megan Therapeutic Recreation
Schlunz, Juliana Social Work
Schneider, Becky Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Senft, Chloe Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Shartzer, Julie Social Work
Sims, Aaron Kinesiology
Sinclair, Marykate Social Work
Sivils, Amy Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Slater, Reghan Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Smith, Jessica Kinesiology
Spencer, Amanda Kinesiology
Spencer, Emily Communication Sciences & Disorders
Stamper, Tia Social Work
Stapleford, Hannah Athletic Training
Strock, Mariah Social Work
Swale, Katelyn Communication Sciences & Disorders
Szczypinski, Ryan Kinesiology
Szwed, Adam Kinesiology
Tanner, Chelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders
Tate, Tara Athletic Training
Taylor, Kristen Communication Sciences & Disorders
Van, David Kinesiology
Vickers, Christina Athletic Training
Wagnon, Jeffrey Kinesiology
Walker, Ian Athletic Training
Wallace, Lucy Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders
Walters, Danielle Social Work
Walton, Sarah Social Work
West, Madilynne Social Work
Wiegand, Mike Therapeutic Recreation
Williams, Cameron Kinesiology
Wilson, Sally Communication Sciences & Disorders
Wind, Sarah Kinesiology
Wooding, Ketrina Social Work
Wright, Sarah Pre-Communication Sciences & Disorders