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President's List

Spring 2015

  2015 Spring President's List for the College of Education and Human Services
To be recognized on the President's List, students must earn a semester grade point average of  4.000 on a minimum of 12 semester hours.  All courses for the semester must be completed.  A grade of "I" on a student's record prevents consideration for this honor.  
  Atkinson, Kirstin Therapeutic Recreation
  Barksdale, Megan Social Work
  Barondess, Mary Therapeutic Recreation
  Barry, Shannon Therapeutic Recreation
  Biggers, Jessica Social Work
  Bloom, Jessica Social Work
  Brown, Kandice Therapeutic Recreation
  Carlson, Mackenzie Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Cava, Jennifer Therapeutic Recreation
  Cave, Taylor Kinesiology
  Cheney, Abby Social Work
  Cook, Amber Athletic Training
  Critzer, Allison Social Work
  Cronley, Leah Kinesiology
  Daniel, Colleen Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  De Cristoforo, Caiti Social Work
  Derricott, Chelsea Social Work
  Dunbar, Kelsey Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Dwyer, Kathleen Social Work
  Eanes, Brittany Social Work
  Elder, Samantha Social Work
  Elzey, Anna Social Work
  Evans, Taylor Social Work
  Fox, Danielle Social Work
  Fritz, Megan Pre-Communication Sci. & Disorders
  Fruchterman, Teresa Kinesiology
  Fry, Natalie Kinesiology
  Giles, Grace Athletic Training
  Goodman, Paige Athletic Training
  Hall, Trey Social Work
  Hall, Megan Athletic Training
  Harris, Joshlyn Therapeutic Recreation
  Harris, Timmy Kinesiology
  Hedgepeth, Megan Kinesiology
  Hubert, Christopher Social Work
  Johnson, Brittany Therapeutic Recreation
  Klatt, Emily Social Work
  Lenhart, Kara Kinesiology
  Little, Calvin Therapeutic Recreation
  Mayhew, Moriah Communication Sciences & Disorders
  McFadden, Courtney Social Work
  Mull, Kristen Therapeutic Recreation
  O'Berry, Casey Therapeutic Recreation
  Pegelow, Rachel Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Phelan, Shannon Social Work
  Pope, Monique Kinesiology
  Ray, Christine Therapeutic Recreation
  Ritchie, Liz Social Work
  Rivers, Dowless Social Work
  Rowe, Courtney Social Work
  Rowe, Kate Therapeutic Recreation
  Russell, Emily Social Work
  Sanders, Elise Social Work
  Schoenhut, Lauren Social Work
  Smith, Danielle Social Work
  Stover, Kayla Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Stump, Mariah Therapeutic Recreation
  Taylor, Kristen Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Thompson, April Social Work
  Trainer, Liz Kinesiology
  VanNatter, Renee Social Work
  Walker, Chiquita Social Work
  Wampler, Alison Social Work
  Westbrook, Carly Athletic Training
  Weyant, Jenna Social Work
  Wildermuth, Beth Therapeutic Recreation
  Wilson, Sally Communication Sciences & Disorders
  Witcher, Alexander Social Work
  Wood, Mairin Athletic Training
  Wyman, Brittany Social Work