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Mission Statement

The Cook-Cole College is the largest and most comprehensive of Longwood’s three colleges and touches the lives of everyone at Longwood. The extensive course offerings, research projects, and internships in Arts and Sciences provide the foundation of a broad-based education to all of Longwood’s students and assist them in becoming educated citizens who are able to demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, and resiliency in addressing the issues of a diverse and interdependent world. Faculty-student collaboration drives every aspect of teaching and learning in the Arts and Sciences, allowing students to develop personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime.


Vision Statement

The future of the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences will build upon the College’s mission as the intellectual core of Longwood University. We will continue to strive to provide students with an interdisciplinary foundation of knowledge that not only provides them a larger understanding of the world but also enables them to enter into and contribute to our society. The ideal future is one in which our students and faculty thrive in an environment conducive to learning and in which we reach out to the community and world around us. By creating such an environment, we intend to help Longwood University become one of the most prestigious small state universities in the nation.

Teacher and Students Walking

Our Goals

  1. Promote and support effective classroom learning
  2. Promote and support learning outside the classroom
  3. Recruit and retain the best faculty, staff and students
  4. Connect more effectively with the local and regional community
  5. Encourage diversity throughout the College
  6. Develop and strengthen our external relations

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