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Strategic Plan

1. Promote and support effective classroom learning

  • Strive for small class sizes, with an average class size appropriate for each discipline
  • Maintain a high percentage of full-time faculty, with a minimum of 80% of faculty being in full-time tenure track positions
  • Encourage and support active learning
  • Encourage and support innovative and interdisciplinary teaching methods
  • Develop a national reputation as a leader in quality college teaching and the scholarship associated with enhancing college teaching.
  • Develop programs to assure quality teaching by new faculty
  • Make use of appropriate advanced classroom technologies
  • Encourage and support professional development of faculty that enhances teaching
  • Honor excellence in teaching with at least one annual Cook-Cole award with a monetary value of at least $1000

2. Promote and support learning outside the classroom

  • Continue to require that all students complete an internship, research project or directed study and encourage all students to make a public presentation of their work. Provide adequate financial support for equipment, travel and faculty mentoring associated with these experiences
  • Support and encourage faculty scholarship and stimulate the integration of scholarly work into the classroom. Encourage and support interdisciplinary research. Provide adequate support for travel associated with faculty scholarship
  • Honor excellence in research and scholarship by faculty with at least one annual Cook-Cole award with a monetary value of at least $1000
  • Honor excellence in research and scholarship by students in a Cook-Cole research and internship showcase each semester
  • Expand and support study abroad opportunities and connections to the world outside the United States
  • Support noteworthy speakers in the disciplines of the College

3. Recruit and retain the best faculty, staff and students

  • Provide competitive salaries for faculty and staff and competitive start-up packages for new faculty
  • Increase scholarship support for students
  • Assure that each department has adequate staff and that staff are supported in their professional development opportunities
  • Encourage creative scheduling that provides faculty the time to excel in teaching and scholarship

4. Connect more effectively with the local and regional community

  • Strengthen our connection to the local K-12 school systems
  • Act as a local and regional resource by creating Centers for Writing, for Local History and for Mathematics and Science. These can be faculty-supervised, student-run organizations that will provide outreach and support for the community in these areas
  • Stimulate local economic development through strategic research with commercial potential
  • Develop curricula that address critical areas of need in the local area, state and nation, such as nursing, homeland security, public and regional history, mathematics and science education and foreign language education
  • Expand service learning opportunities for students and explore the development of a Cook-Cole Community Outreach Center in which faculty can offer their services and talents to the local community

5. Encourage diversity throughout the College

  • Actively work towards increased diversity in our student, faculty and staff populations
  • Maintain and encourage diverse perspectives in all aspects of learning in the College
  • Continue to support the Women's Studies and International Studies Programs

6. Develop and strengthen our external relations

  • Strengthen our communications with alumni and friends of the College
  • Build new relationships with partners in industry, government and civic organizations
  • Encourage the development of multiple revenue streams to enhance the work of the College
  • Develop a stronger support base for successful grant writing, including a full-time grants officer