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Freshmen to Senior Year Guide for Career Decision Making

Career Decision Making Model

Remember.... The University Career Center Staff will help you reach and set your career goals. Call x2063 to schedule an appointment.

Freshmen Year

  • Take General Education requirements
  • Explore majors of interest by taking classes in those areas and talking with faculty and students in those majors
  • Think about what and how you like to learn and corresponding majors
  • Explore career options by major
  • Complete a self assessment of work values, skills, and interests
  • Review major and career resources on the UCC website
  • Review books on majors and careers in the Career Center's Resource Room (Lancaster G08A)
  • Make an appointmentto talk with a Career Counselor about choosing a major and/or exploring careers
  • Explore to get involved on campus and in the community


Sophomore Year

  • Make a decision on your major if you have not already done so
  • Conduct informational interviewsor shadowing with professionals in career fields of interest to you
  • Attend job fairsand employer presentations to learn more about different employers and job opportunities
  • Develop career-related skills (computer, writing, foreign language, oral communication, writing, analytical)
  • Identify internshipsof interest to you
  • Explore study-abroadprograms
  • Register in CareerConnectto view campus jobs, internships, etc.
  • Establish a positive rapport with faculty in your major
  • Secure a campus or part-time job, volunteer opportunity or summer job to explore a career field of interest
  • Get involved in a campus organizationor community opportunity
  • Begin your resume so you can add to it with activities, internships, summer jobs, and campus jobs

Junior Year

  • Attend workshops offered by the UCC on resume writing, interviewing, internship searching, graduate school application process
  • Update your resume and get it in good shape to submit for internships
  • Upload your resume into CareerConnect
  • Begin searching for internships in early October-some internships have deadlines as early as November 1
  • Identify internships with employers that do not recruit on campus using resources on the UCC website and in the Resource Room
  • Attend Job & Internship Fairs
  • Seek positions of leadership in campus organizations and/or volunteer services
  • Explore the option of attending graduate or professional school and research graduate programs
  • Decide when to take the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc...
  • Secure letters of recommendation for your internship and job search or graduate or professional school application


Senior Year

  • Organize your job search and strategies for obtaining full-time
  • Target desired industries and determine geographical
  • Complete resume consistent with industry preference
  • Research and gather information on companies in chosen industries
  • Identify employers, submit resumes and schedule on-campus
    interviews through CareerConnect
  • Pursue interviews with employers not scheduled to visit campus
  • Attend Job & Internship Fairs
  • Schedule a mock interview
  • Continue to attend various career-related workshops and employer presentations
  • Complete graduate school applications to meet established deadlines
  • Update your CareerConnect profile, particularly your email address, if you are still searching after graduation
  • Share your success story! Let us know when you secure your job or admission to graduate school