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Career Decision Making Model

Career Decision Making Model

Self Assessment

  • Examine what is important to you when you think about a career
  • Values: What do you want from a career?
    (Examples: money, advancement, variety, challenge, helping, etc...)
  • Skills: What skills do you want to use - verbs that show what you would be doing?
    (Examples: invest, analyze, develop, create, organize, program, research,
    write, etc...)
  • Interests: What career fields are of interest to you?
    (Examples: Art, Business, Health/Medical, Communications, Education, Technology, Science, Sports, etc...)


Brainstorm and research occupations by career field that you would like to know more about or that you think would be interesting

Ways to Brainstorm & Research Careers: Find out how well the career matches your values and skills; find out what training/education is required to go into the field

Get first hand information on a career of interest through:


Make a decision based on the facts you gathered from the research you conducted on specific careers


Apply for jobs. Apply to graduate/professional schools.