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Campus Impact

NEW: Visit http://construction.longwood.edu  for a user-friendly and comprehensive overview of Longwood's campus construction projects.

The purpose of the Campus Impact Committee is to discuss the effects that construction projects have on different people, departments and events on campus.

The goal of the Campus Impact Committee is to minimize inconvenience and maximize communication within the Longwood community.

Through open discussions and free transfer of information, the Committee is able to anticipate potential problems, curtail the impacts, as well as inform the rest of Longwood.

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  • ARC before construction
  • Register Residence Hall (South Building)

    Register Residence Hall (south)
  • Sharp Residence Hall (North Building)

    Sharp North Building


The Sharp and Register Residence Halls

A significant element of Longwood’s vision is to retain its residential character. A thriving vibrant on-campus community is an integral part of that vision. The new residence hall will provide housing for at least 200 students at the ARC quad. The building’s design will strongly reflect the traditional Jeffersonian/Neo-Palladian architectural styles prevalent on campus. To watch the construction, please view the webcams here.

The ground floors of both buildings will contain utility spaces in addition to the following:

  • Common lounge, with a variety of seating types and a kitchen containing a range and sink.
  • Common laundry with 4 washers and 3 stacked (6 total) dryers
  • Front parlor space adjacent to the main entry vestibule, that will be used mainly as a student gathering space, but which can double as a staffed check in location.
  • One two-bedroom apartment unit for the Residence Education Coordinator in the South Building, and one single-bedroom apartment unit in the North Building for another residence life staff member
  • Four; four-bedroom student residence units will be located on the east side of the first

The second through fourth floors will contain student residences and a lounge/kitchenette.   Each student unit will consist of 2 bedrooms (four beds) with shared toilet, shower, and sink compartments. Each bedroom will have space for a bed, wardrobe, and desk for each student.

Current Construction Photos

Interior of Sharp Hall

Stairway in Register Hall