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News & Events

MISTERS Participate in Convocation

Michael Dunson carrying the College of Education and Human Services banner.Longwood’s Convocation Ceremony for graduating seniors was held September 11, 2014. Mr. Michael Dunson was chosen to be the banner carrier for the College  of Education and Human Services.  Each senior asks an underclassman to serve as his/her capper. The capper decorates the senior's mortarboard with mementos of the senior's Longwood experience and "caps" his/her senior at the appropriate time in the ceremony.  Mr. Michael Dunson and Mr. Alexander Witcher were capped and Mr. Devon Johnson  cappped fellow senior Benjamin Moreland.

Alex Witcher and Malika Fleshman Alexander Witcher and his capper Maliki Fleshman, a sophomore in the Call Me MISTER program.

Michael Dunson with his capper, Lauran Seeley

Michael Dunson with his capper Lauran Seeley.














MISTERS Teach in the Talented and Gifted Program

Devon Johnson with TAG Devon Johnson welcomes his students as they arrive.

During the summer, Longwood University hosted the Talented and Gifted program July 7-18, 2014. Over 170 children attended the two-week summer enrichment program for Region 8 school children.  Two Call Me MISTER members taught in the program as part of their Practicum II Education course. Mr. Devon Johnson taught the "Fly Me to the Moon" section and is a senior studying to become an elementary/middle school teacher.  Mr. Michael Dunson taught the "Wonders and Mysteries of the Stars" section and is a senior studying to become a math teacher.

Michael Dunson takes the morning attendance for his group

Michael Dunson takes the morning attendance for his group.