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Marketing Program Description

Careers in advertising, buying, selling, logistics, product management, international marketing, and marketing research are only a few of the fields available to students concentrating in marketing. This concentration is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in these fields. The curriculum includes not-for-profit, governmental, and international applications of marketing knowledge. Classroom knowledge, internship opportunities, and involvement of students in business organizations are integral components of the marketing concentration.

Marketing Course Descriptions

General Education *
Writing Intensive Courses WR (must earn C- or better to fulfill requirement)
Speaking Intensive Courses SP

Marketing 280 - Fundamentals of Marketing

Fundamentals of marketing is a survey course designed for the nonbusiness major. This course will introduce the student to a broad range of marketing concepts, ideas, and topics for a variety of perspectives. 3 credits.

Marketing 295 - Special Topics: Marketing

Selected topics in marketing. The topics may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.1-3 credits.

Marketing 380 - Principles of Marketing

An introduction to the functions of marketing in our economy with particular attention to the influence of social, economic, ethical, legal, and technological forces on marketing activities. Problems and policies involved in the marketing of goods and services. Prerequisite: ACCT 240 and ECON 217 or permission of instructor. 3 credits.

Marketing 381 - Marketing Research

An application of scientific research methodology to marketing problems. The systematic gathering, recording, processing, and analyzing of marketing data are applied to studies of market structure, market segmentation, positioning, concept and product testing, name and package testing, advertising pre-testing and tracking, and test marketing. Students will complete an individual research project. Prerequisite: MARK 380 and MATH 171 or other approved statistics course. 3 credits. WR

Marketing 382 - Professional Selling and Sales Force Management

This class will focus on the fundamental principles of personal selling. Topics include the economic problems connected with personal selling, an analysis of products and markets, the interview and the selling process, and building relationships and goodwill. The class will also focus on a strategic approach to the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of the sale force. Prerequisite: MARK 380 . 3 credits.

Marketing 383 - Consumer Behavior

A study of consumer purchasing behavior and the environmental factors that affect that behavior. Cultural, social, and psychological determinants of consumer behavior are examined. The implications of these determinants for market segmentation and marketing strategy are stressed. Prerequisite: MARK 380. 3 credits.

Marketing 386 - Direct Marketing

This is a survey course designed to provide an overview of direct marketing approaches, presenting direct marketing essentials, emphasizing retailing and advertising online, and exploring other direct marketing media. The course will cover both consumer and business perspectives as well as online marketing research. Prerequisite: MARK 380 or permission of instructor. 3 credits.

Marketing 387 - Principles of Retailing

Study of the marketing role of retailing in the economy. Special emphasis will be placed on careers in retailing, retail market segmentation, location theory, buying, pricing, and promotion in the retail industry. Prerequisite: MARK 380. 3 credits.

Marketing 388 - Services Marketing

This class will focus on current developments in the services marketing area. It will focus on topics such as service encounters, marketing mixes for services, managing, delivering, evaluating the service process, and customer relationship management. Prerequisites: MARK 380. 3 credits.

Marketing 389 - Retail Merchandising

This class will focus on merchandising. Topics include the merchandising cycle, buying techniques, inventory systems, and display principles. The dynamics of fashion and consumer buying behavior are also explored. Prerequisites: MARK 380 and 387.

Marketing 390 - Directed or Independent Study

Must be approved by the head of the department. May be repeated as MARK 391. 1-18 credits.

Marketing 480 - Integrated Marketing Communication

Principles underlying advertising, economic and social aspects of advertising, policies and objectives, selection and use of various media, advertising organizations, campaigns, displays and copy. Prerequisite: MARK 380. 3 credits.

Marketing 481 - International Business

A study of successful business practices in the global marketplace. Areas of coverage include: levels of international involvement, organizational behavior across cultures, the environment of global marketing, identifying global opportunities, and international market planning and strategy. Prerequisite: MARK 380 & MANG 360. 3 credits.

Marketing 482 - Marketing Strategy

Policymaking and operating decisions of the marketing manager and tools available to aid in solving marketing problems. Prerequisites: FINA 350, MANG 360, MARK 381 and 383, plus senior standing. 3 credits. SP

Marketing 484 - New Product Marketing

This course focuses on the marketing of new products, including strategy, planning, analysis, and implementation. Of interest are the concepts and tools to be used in successful development and marketing of new products. Specific decisions to understand include: product policy formulation, the selection of product market strategies, and new product development process. Prerequisite: MARK 380. 3 credits.

Marketing 489 - Retail Strategy

This class will integrate the elements of product and services marketing with a focus on strategy, operating decisions, and problem solving from the perspective of the retail-marketing manager. The case study methods will be utilized. Prerequisites: MARK 380, 383, 387, and MANG 360. 3 credits.

Marketing 490. Independent Study: Marketing

Advanced topics in marketing. An individually-designed course that allows the student to pursue advanced topics in specific marketing areas. Prerequisites: Senior standing and permission of instructor. 1-3 credits.

Marketing 492 - Internship: Marketing

An on-the-job learning experience designed to give students an opportunity to apply their technical and professional skills and to observe organizations in action. Prerequisites: Cumulative and major GPA of 2.33 or greater, 60 credits or more, declared business or economics major, a declared concentration, MARK 380, MANG 391, and permission of internship director. 2-3 credits per internship placement; limited to a maximum of 6 credits. *Fulfills General Education Goal 14

Marketing 495 - Special Topics: Marketing

Selected topics in marketing. The topics may vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. 1-3 credits.

Marketing 498 - Honors Research in Marketing

Students conduct research in marketing under the direction of a faculty member and the Senior Honors Research Committee. May be repeated as MARK 499. 3 credits.