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Senior Awards 2016

SNVC Outstanding Citizen Leader in the College of Business & Economics

Alana Mackey


Owens&Minor Outstanding Senior in the College of Business & Economics

Kassie Fralick


Delta Sigma Pi Key for Highest GPA

Alexander O'Dell


Faculty and Student Research

Manuel Dwyer & Ben Yarow


Manuel completed an independent research project with Dr. Bennie Waller. They presented their paper titled "The Impact of Presidential Elections on the Marketing Outcomes of Residential Properties," at the American Real Estate Society in Denver. 

 Ben Yarow conducted research with Dr. Melanie Marks. Their paper titled "What Impacts a Student's Ability to Graduate in Four Years? An Econometric Investigation," was presented at the Virginia Association of Econometrics and at the Longwood Assessment Conference.



Senior Honors Research

 Alana Mackey

Alana Mackey presented her senior honors research paper, "Signaling with Stock Issues and Repurchases: A Test of Market Efficiency," at the 2016 American Society of Business and Behavior Sciences in Las Vegas in February.



Allied Academics Conference


Jenna Plotzyk, Matthew Logan, & Daniel Koucheravy

Jenna Plotzyk, Matthew Logan, and Daniel Koucheravy presented their papers at the 2016 Allied Academics Conference in New Orleans.

Jenna presented her paper titled "Effects of the 2012 Presidential Election on Healthcare and Energy Sector Returns."

Matthew presented his paper titled "Affordable Care Act: A Test of Market Efficiency."

Daniel presented his paper titled "Stock Splits."



Sharon Gingras Academic Excellence Award in Economics

William Fancher




Academic Excellence Awards

  • Economics - Alexander O'Dell
  • Finance - Alana Mackey
  • Information Systems and Security - Andrew Lawson
  • Real Estate - Austin Jaworski
  • Management - Alex Khammari
  • Marketing - Elizabeth Adkins
  • Accounting - Katelyn Rehovich


Outstanding Internship Awards

  • Alana Mackey
  • Austin Wilson


Graduating Beta Gamma Sigma Members

  • Elizabeth Adkins
  • Asha Bala Krishnan
  • Manuel Dwyer
  • William Fancher
  • Kassie Fralick
  • Katelyn Gough
  • Jessica Hamilton
  • Austin Jaworski
  • Cristina Jones
  • Alex Khammari
  • Katie King
  • Andrew Lawson
  • Alana Mackey
  • Michelle Marcus
  • Kenn McIlvaine
  • Alexander O'Dell
  • Jenna Plotzyk
  • Tyler Price
  • Kayleigh Reed
  • Katelyn Rehovich
  • Melissa Ritz
  • Samantha Schmitz
  • India White


Seniors Graduating with Academic Honors (3.35–4.0 Cumulative GPA)

  • Matthew Alexander
  • Jamie Barbour
  • Brianna Breed
  • Timothy Davis
  • Madissen Grimsley
  • Michael Laudon
  • Tyler Long
  • Donald Morrison
  • Curtis Price
  • Janese Quick
  • Jeff Sanderson
  • Austin Wilson


Major Field Test Recognition

  • Manuel Dwyer
  • David Edwards
  • Dylan Grimes
  • Alex Khammari
  • Joshua Lester
  • Kenn McIlvaine
  • Donald Morrison
  • Justin Padgett
  • Kyle Perka
  • Tyler Price
  • Zachary Putland


Seniors with Exemplary Scores on the Senior Economics Exam

  • Alexander O'Dell
  • Devante Southerland