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About the College

Quality Indicators

  • AACSB Accredited
  • New, Modern, High-Tech Facility
  • Supportive Learning Environment
  • Highly Motivated Students
  • Diverse and Highly Qualified Faculty
  • Required Internship
  • Executive-In-Residence Program
  • Top Quality Advisory Boards

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the College of Business & Economics accredited by AACSB International?

Yes. Longwood is one of less than 400 business schools in the United States accredited by AACSB International to have earned this distinction of quality. Less than 25 percent of all business schools in the United States are AACSB accredited and less than 30 undergraduate schools only have earned this distinction.

What makes the business program unique?

Highly motivated faculty work with students in a very interactive learning environment. The business curriculum reinforces the knowledge and skills learned in the General Education courses during a student's first two years at Longwood, e.g., communication, computer, team and analytic skills are demonstrated in all business courses. Also, the required student internship experience reinforces classroom learning while giving the student an opportunity to obtain first hand knowledge about the business world and future employment opportunities.