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Community Outreach

In the near future, Longwood's Center for Financial Responsibility will be offering classes, workshops and seminars for the greater community. These classes, workshops and seminars will cover information such as:

  • Buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage

  • Buying an automobile

  • The dangers of credit card use

  • The various types of credit

  • Strategies for retirement

  • Investment fundamentals

  • Tax strategies


Continuing Education

Longwood's Center for Financial Responsibility realizes the importance of offering continuing education classes, workshops and seminars to educators. Educators can reach over 1,000 students in their professional life-time. By reaching the educators of the community, thousands of students will receive the financial education they need.


The Center for Financial Responsibility will also offer seminars, classes and workshops to professionals in the fields of accounting, finance, real estate, salespersons and appraisers.