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Supply Chain Management Endorsement

The Endorsement in Supply Chain Management provides an aspiring manager in logistics and supply chain management with a coherent body of knowledge relating to various aspects of these dynamic fields.  Students will normally complete the prerequisites for the courses that qualify them for the endorsement as part of a Major or Minor in Business Administration.  Students completing other majors may need to complete an additional 9 to 12 credits of prerequisites. Students must complete the following requirements:

Endorsement in Supply Chain Management/12 credits           



MANG 363 Introduction to Management Science/3 credits

One of MANG 275, MATH 171, MATH 271, or MATH 301

MANG 385 Supply Chain Management/3 credits

MANG 363 or MARK 380

Select two from the following for a total of 6 credits:

FINA 351 Risk Management/3 credits

FINA 350

MANG 364 Negotiations & Conflict Management/3 credits


MANG 463 Project Management/3 credits

MANG 360

MANG 469 Entrepreneurship/3 credits

ACCT 240 & junior or higher standing

 Use this form to add an Endorsement in Supply Chain Management to your degree program.