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Cyber Security, Forensics, & Policy Minor

Expanding their career opportunities, students may pursue a minor in Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy. Students pursuing this interdisciplinary minor will take courses in Information Systems and Security, Computer Science, and Criminology and Criminal Justice. Students must complete the following requirements with at least a 2.0 minor GPA:

Minor in Cyber  Security, Forensics, and Policy/18 credits

Course Prerequisite
ISCS 376 Cyber Security/3 credits* One of ISCS 370, CMSC 121, or CMSC 160
CMSC 355 Computer Security/3 credits CMSC 160
ISCS 377 Cyber Forensics/3 credits* ISCS 370 or CMSC 121
CRIM 305 White Collar Crime/3 credits CRIM 100
ISCS 476 Cyber Security II/3 credits* ISCS 376 or CMSC 355
                                                               Select one from the following for a total of 3 credits: 
ACCT 350 Principles of Fraud Examinations/3 credits* ACCT 240
CMSC 360 Computer Network Theory/3 credits CMSC 242
CMSC 455 Network Security and Cryptography/3 credits CMSC 160 and either MATH 175 or MATH 270
ISCS 473 Network Communications/3 credits* ISCS 370 or CMSC 121
SOCL 305 Society and Technology: Identity, Community, and Ethics/3 credits SOCL 101 or SOCL 102















*To register for these courses, students must have declared their intention to earn a minor in Cyber Security, Forensics, and Policy.