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Biology Major Checklists

The following checklists help guide students through the classes required of the Biology major.  Choose the one that matches your first academic year at Longwood.

Internship/Research Form

The following form is required when enrolling for either an internship or a research project for credit.  Please complete as much as possible on a computer, then print and sign the form.  Give the form to the Longwood faculty member who will assign you a grade at the end of the internship (generally your academic advisor).  Hand-in the form before registration closes for the term during which you will complete the internship.  

If you have difficulty opening or using the above form in Microsoft Word, the following version is a PDF with fillable text fields.  



Earth Science Minor

The Earth Science Program is designed to meet the general education of all students by strengthening their knowledge of the physical environment. The program also provides a solid foundation for those planning to pursue careers in environmental science.

Students interested in pursuing an earth science minor should contact Dr. Joseph Garcia. Grades below C- are not accepted for the minor.

The minor must include:

EASC 300          The Dynamic Planet/3 credits

15 credits of 300 level or higher Earth Science electives

Total required hours:  18 credits


Geography Minor

A Geography Minor will add a geographical focus to your study in other programs. It will acquaint you with past and present patterns of landscape development and instill concern for intelligent management of the earth's biophysical resources while providing exposure to contemporary geopolitical issues of international importance.

Students interested in pursuing a Geography Minor should contact Dr. David Hardin.

Grades below C- are not accepted for the minor.

The Geography Minor must include:
GEOG 201 Basic Elements of Geography (3 credits)
GEOG 275 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (4 credits)


Choose a minimum of 3 credits from the following:

GEOG 241 Cultural Geography/3 credits

GEOG 354 Hydrology/3 credits

GEOG 355 Climatology/3 credits

GEOG 358 Map Design and Analysis/4 credits

GEOG 410 Geomorphology/3 credits


Choose a minimum of 3 credits from the following:

GEOG 220 Geography of South America/3 credits

GEOG 352 World Regional Geography/3 credits

GEOG 353 Geography of Virginia/3 credits

GEOG 403 Geography of Europe/3 credits

GEOG 404 Geography of the U.S. and Canada/3 credits

GEOG 495 Special Topics in Geography (3 credits)


6 credits of Geography electives

Total required hours: 19 credits

For more information, view the University Catalogs