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Faculty & Staff

Environmental Science, Earth Science & Geography Faculty


Dr. Kathy DeBusk Gee

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science/Environmental Science Program Coordinator
Chichester 205E/lab 108
Phone: (434) 395-2147
E-mail: geekd@longwood.edu


Joseph Garcia

Dr. Joseph E. Garcia

Professor of Geography and Earth Science/Earth Science Program Coordinator
Chichester Science Center 205C/lab102B
Phone: (434) 395-2588
Email: garciaje@longwood.edu


Dr. David S. Hardin with tobacco at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Dr. David S. Hardin

Associate Professor of Geography/Geography Minor Program Director
Chichester Science Center 205D/lab 205F
Homepage: Dr. David Hardin's Home Page
Phone: (434) 395-2581
Email: hardinds@longwood.edu


Dr. Edward L. Kinman

Professor of Geography and Earth Science/Assistant Dean for Assessment and Program Improvement for Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences
Chichester Science Center 205A/lab 205F
Homepage: Dr. Ed Kinman's Home Page
Phone: (434) 395-2569
Email: kinmanel@longwood.edu



Dr. Christopher F. Labosier

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
Chichester Science Center 205B
Phone: (434) 395-2574
E-mail: labosiercf@longwood.edu



Dr. Leslie E. Straker

Lecturer of Environmental Science
Stevens 107A
Phone: (434) 395-2386
E-mail: strakerle@longwood.edu


Dr. Walter Witschey 

Dr. Walter R. T. Witschey

Research Professor of Anthropology and Geography
Homepage: Dr. Walter Witschey's Home Page
Phone: (804) 928-7871
Email: witscheywr@longwood.edu




Raymond Heinrich

Raymond Heinrich

Director of Laboratory Services
Chichester Science Center 302
Phone: (434) 395-2471
Email: heinrichrt@longwood.edu


Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson

Administrative Office Specialist, III
Chichester Science Center 102-C
Phone: (434) 395-2957
Email: johnsondm@longwood.edu



Kathy Shetley

Administrative Office Specialist, II
Chichester Science Center 102
Phone: (434) 395-2570