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Academic Departmental Profile


These statistical profiles are to be considered along with materials related to faculty productivity and student learning outcomes in departmental self-studies and external peer reviews of degree programs.

They also will be used to support institutional decision making, especially decisions related to budgetary matters and space allocation. Measures used in these departmental profiles include:

  • faculty headcount by rank
  • student credit hours contributed for majors and non-majors
  • student headcount by degree program
  • number of degrees awarded by degree program
  • number of degrees awarded by per FTE faculty by degree program
  • instructional expenditures by degree program (measured by per degree costs of the expenditure of the corresponding instructional service)

SCHEV - Institutional Performance Standards Measures and Certificates of Longwood Performance

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) makes higher education public policy recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly in such areas as capital and operating budget planning, enrollment projections, institutional technology needs, and student financial aid.


Student Athlete Performance