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About Us

The diversity of University programs and activities frequently requires coordination of building operations by various departments.

Building coordination often involves the services provided by support units such as the Facilities Management Department, University Police, the Environmental Health and Safety Department, and ITS. Building coordination is most efficiently accomplished through the careful selection and assignment of Area Coordinators. The Area Coordinator is the first line of communication for interaction between the various divisions of the University and the building's occupants.

Longwood has utilized a network of designated building representatives in the past. However, the program is evolving from an informal relationship to one that has a real goal of improving the University. A faculty or staff member's agreement to serve as an Area Coordinator and their willingness to provide input to improve the program are greatly appreciated by students, staff, and faculty throughout the institution.

Area Coordinators benefit the university in several ways.

  • Better understanding through improved communication
  • Quicker work order turn around with less disruption to building functions
  • Better scheduling and planning
  • Better problem solving with more participation from on-site occupants
  • Improved life safety procedures through better informed employees
  • Quicker feedback on work requests (positive & negative)
  • Improved attitude and relationships with shared ownership responsibilities
  • Ability to prioritize work orders through better communication

So, next time you know to avoid Madison Street on a certain day, wonder how that stair tread was repaired so quickly, or are curious who turned off the lights after you went home, look to your Area Coordinator: they are the quiet force behind the scenes who are pulling the strings to keep your area and the University running smoothly and efficiently.