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Contact Report

  1. Submitter's email address: 

  2. Constituent name: 

  3. Is there a current proposal pending for this constituent: 
    1. Pending Proposal Name (if exists): 

  4. Method of contact: 

  5. Purpose: 

  6. Date of contact: 

  7. Next steps/follow-up action: 

  8. Key new information learned:  (overview, indicators of wealth, key influencers, areas of interest, Longwood affinity, etc)

Proposal Information--Please consider creating a proposal if a future solicitation is anticipated.

  1. Proposal name:

  2. Fund Purpose:

    1. If Fund NOT listed, suggest a name (final approvals must me sought): 

  3. Type of gift: 

  4. Status: 

  5. Anticipated ask amount: 

  6. Anticipated date of ask: 

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