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Transcript - Nothing in Common

[Music starts]

Narrator: Brian and Bethany are high school seniors. That is the only thing they have in common.

Brian: In today's global marketplace, it is business leaders who will change the world.

Bethany: In this century, it is scientists who will solve most of the world's challenges.

Narrator: Brian and Bethany belong to different clubs, hang with different friends and have different dreams.

Bethany: I will apply my science skills to fight diseases around the world.

Brian: I will use my business knowledge to start a company known around the world.

Narrator: And Brian and Bethany will certainly attend different universities.

Brain & Bethany (unanimously): I am going to Longwood.

Narrator: You see... [music pauses] What?

Bethany: Hey, Longwood has great science programs in bio-chemistry, physics, geographic information systems, pre-med and more...

Brain: And Longwood has great business programs in Computer Information Systems, International Economics, Computer Security, Forensics and Law and others. So discover the power in you with a degree in business...

Bethany: Or science. Go to whylongwood.com.

Brian: So, Bethany. See you on campus.

Bethany: Not if I see you first.