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Out-of-State Students

out of state

Virginia is for out-of-state students.

If when you think of Virginia you think of four seasons (each offering its own beauty), traditional architecture, historic and vacation locations, and some of the best colleges in the country, you're right.

And Longwood University is in the heart of it all!


Are there other Out-of-State students attending Longwood?

Longwood is a destination for students from all over the country and the world. Over 27 states and 16 countries are represented on campus. Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut have the highest numbers domestically. An exchange program with China brings in about 30 students each year.

Apply - For Free!

As an out-of-state student, your $50.00 application fee is waived!

Transportation Advantage

You may have a car on campus even as a freshman (unlike first-year in-state students). However, for the most part, the social life of the student body is on-campus, so there are few reasons to need a car. There is also a ride board in the Student Union that helps students identify others with whom they could share rides home for holidays and breaks. Public transportation is available as well.


Location, Location, Location

Our central Virginia location offers beauty, recreation, shopping, nightlife, and convenience. Farmville is a dynamic two-college town with a hometown appeal. You'll enjoy historic features, theater, trendy restaurants, the great outdoors, numerous stores, and quaint shops -- all without the congestion or high prices of a big city.

Three of Virginia's most beautiful state parks are within 30 minutes of campus. You can swim, boat, hike, or fish. Cabins and campground facilities are also available.

Longwood is approximately one hour from Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Richmond. King's Dominion amusement park and Wintergreen ski resort are within two hours. Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens theme park, Water Country USA, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are within two hours. Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C. are within three hours.

For more information, visit the Official Tourism web site for Virginia.


Farmville weather will allow you to golf, play tennis, and hike year-round. Occasionally, a moderate amount of snowfall sends students to the hills for a day of sledding and skiing. For the current weather in Farmville, Virginia, click here.


Our value is exceptional considering all you get for a relatively low cost. Our tuition and fees calculator can help you determine your costs based on the number of credit hours and meal plan. Although our scholarship/financial aid processes are competitive, our standards are not higher for out-of-state students.

Learn more about Longwood's cost and financial aid.

Will Longwood's Teacher Education Program prepare me to teach in my home state?

Virginia requires the highest scores on PRAXIS (the national exam for teachers), which more than prepares you for teaching in another state. Teacher licensure in Virginia is recognized by 44 states.


What do out-of-state students have to say?

Beginning QuotesGrowing up in Toronto, I had always heard the term 'Southern hospitality.' After attending Longwood University, that phrase has come to have true meaning for me. Students, regardless of distance traveled to attend Longwood, are all made to feel at home on the picturesque campus.

Longwood's best feature is the relationships that a student is able to build with faculty. Smaller classes enable more student-professor interaction, which makes the learning process thrive. I left the university with some bonds with faculty that will span our lifetimes.

Farmville provides all of the necessities of college living without the big city distractions I was trying to escape. There are numerous local hangouts, which students can frequent to build their social experiences.

Attending college in central Virginia certainly does not limit students from pursuing careers in different geographic regions. I secured a job with a prestigious investment bank in New York City. In competing for this position, I was pitted against many Ivy League students. There is no doubt in my mind that Longwood's College of Business and Economics stacks up against any competition in the nation.

Attending Longwood University was perhaps the best decision I have made thus far in my life. It has afforded me many opportunities that I would not have had at a larger institution. I miss my Longwood family. End Quotes

Evan Weinstein
Toronto, Canada


Beginning QuotesBefore going to Longwood to be a student, I visited for a few days. I was welcomed and treated kindly by the students and staff as well as the locals.

Longwood professors are really nice people, good at what they teach, and I got to know them and consider them friends.

Longwood gave me many opportunities as a history major and through my involvement in ROTC. I can't imagine myself having gone to college anywhere else. End Quotes

Joe Valicenti
Glen Rock, New Jersey


female studentBeginning QuotesComing from out-of- state I was afraid that I wasn't going to fit in and wasn't going to make new friends since I didn't know anyone. I arrived earlier than the other freshmen for soccer preseason, so I got to know my teammates -- but when the other students came, I felt even more welcomed. Everyone is very friendly.

My favorite aspect of Farmville is that it is a smaller town, but it still has everything that you need. You don't have to go too far and there will be something of interest to you - a restaurant you like or a lake where you can sit and do your work.

While at Longwood I made so many friends that I know are going to be lifelong friendships. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. End Quotes

Heather Storrie
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania



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