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What to do and When to do it

Junior Year (High School)

to do listFALL

  • Take college-preparatory course work.
  • Visit counseling center and college websites to review college and career materials.
  • Contact colleges for specific information.
  • Meet with college representatives at programs.
  • Take PSAT.


  • Register for Spring SAT I Test.
  • Talk with friends, parents, and counselors about college and career selections.
  • Continue to review websites.


  • Plan senior courses (complete required courses).
  • Take SAT.
  • Visit college campuses.
  • Take Advanced Placement Tests, if applicable.
  • Continue to review websites.


Senior Year (High School)


  • Maintain grades and academic course load. Continue to take Math, Science and Foreign Language even if you have already met high school graduation requirements.
  • Make calendar of all necessary deadlines (applications, financial aid, scholarships, placement tests).
  • Meet with Longwood representatives at programs.
  • Attend a Longwood Open House.


  • Fill out application online, noting Early Action deadline.
  • Request high school transcript (pdf) to be sent to Longwood's Admissions Office.
  • Complete and submit Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) [must be sent in after January 1].
  • Take SAT--it is recommended that you take SATs early in your senior year.


  • Complete and submit your Longwood application if you intend to apply Early Action.
  • Attend a Longwood Open House, if you haven't already.


  • Take SAT II: Subject Tests if you are planning to major in a foreign language.




  • Send first semester grades to Longwood Admissions Office.


  • Keep track of acceptance offers and financial aid awards.
  • Revisit campus, if necessary, or attend another Open House.


  • Indicate your intent to enroll by paying your $400 admissions deposit.
  • Have Advanced Placement scores and dual enrollment course transcripts sent to Longwood.
  • Attend Summer Orientation


  • Send final grades to Longwood.
  • Attend Summer Orientation.


  • Begin an exciting life at Longwood.