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Academic Planning Guide

The following information will assist you in selecting appropriate courses. Please also refer to the Longwood Catalog.

 To graduate from Longwood, you must complete the following:

  1. General Education (31 Lower Division)
  2. Additional Degree Requirements (6-7 Credits)
  3. Major Requirements (Although specifically designed for VA community college and Richard Bland College students, all students should refer to the VCCS-RBC Transfer Guide and/or the Longwood Catalog.)
campus in the fall

Recommended Courses for Non-VCCS and Non-RBC Students

Please go to our catalog to help you select appropriate courses from your institution or to determine how courses you have already taken will transfer.

Recommended courses that transfer and are appropriate for most majors include:

  • Freshman English I (3 credits)
  • General Biology, Chemistry or Physics (4 or 8 credits)
  • Western Civilization I or II (3 credits)
  • World, British or American Literature I (3 credits)
  • General Psychology, Sociology or American Government (3 or 6 credits)
  • Mathematics -- College Algebra, Functions and Graphs or Statistics (3 or 6 credits)
  • Physical Education (2 credits)
  • Foreign Language at the intermediate level (202) if you are pursuing a BA degree; 201 if you are pursuing a BS degree.

Application Deadlines

Longwood uses a rolling admissions plan; however, all prospective students are urged to apply early. Priority dates are:

  • Spring semester - November 1 
  • Fall semester - March 1

Applications will be reviewed after these dates on a space available basis.  The priority dates are especially important for housing, scholarships, and financial aid consideration.  It is your responsibility to ensure that all transcripts and materials are sent directly to the Admissions Office.