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Parent Resources

Services offered by The Center for Academic Success

Following is a listing of services that are offered, free of charge to all Longwood University Students.  Students are encouraged to use any and all that would be helpful.

Getting Back on the Right Track:

This is a brief one hour meeting designed to help students on probation or returning from suspension get a positive start to their academic recovery.  During this meeting, the Center's staff will offer thought on skills such as Time Management, Study Strategies, and Ready Strategies.  They will also acquaint students with the free academic resources available to them and help them to formulate a plan for academic success.

Meeting Times:

  • TBA

Academic Success Workshops:

These are a series of one hour workshops which are more in depth than Getting Back on the Right Track and will be part discussion and part activity.  Students will engage with other students on topics inherent to academic success.  Topics include: Time Management, Study Strategies, GPA Calculation (done at midterm time), and Personal Finance Management.  These are open to all students and students may attend as many of these as they wish.  No advance sign up is required.

  • TBA


These are meetings that students have with the Center's Staff.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to come weekly.  Meetings are typically 1/2 to 1 hour and are targeted to the needs of the individual student - time management, study strategies, testing strategies, GPA calculations, and academic planning are frequently covered.  Discussions may touch on nutrition, stress and sleep issues and students may be referred also to other offices on campus for more in-depth assistance.  A plan will be set up early in the semester to touch on each of these issues, as well as an academic check-up at midterm time.


Is math or language causing problems?  Tutoring at Longwood is provided by trained, successful undergraduate students in group sessions for a specific course.  All tutoring is free.  Students do not have to be doing poorly to attend - some have a C and want a B or an A.  Students also do not need to be referred in order to attend, nor do they have to sign up in advance.  If you do not see a course you need, please contact us at 434-395-2393.

Tutoring Sessions

Writing Center

Having trouble with that History paper?  How about that Chemistry lab write-up?  Come to the Writing Center for a one-on-one consultation with our terrific staff.  These are students who have been carefully selected for their expertise and understanding.  You may come as many times as you wish and stay as long as you need.

Writing Center Hours

Speaking Center

It is said that most people would rather die (literally) than stand up and give a speech in front of their peers.  That's the name of the game in the work world now - let us help you get a jump on the competition!  You will be matched one-on-one with one of our staff members.  Then you/your group will be scheduled for a room in which to work on your presentation.  For this service only, please contact us at least 3-5 days in advance to have a room ready.

Speaking Center Services