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Spring 2015 Science Sessions

Tutoring sessions for the Spring semester run from January 20th to April 24th.

Course Name Days Time Location
 BIOL 101 (Biological Concepts)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 BIOL 114 (Fundamentals of Life Science)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 BIOL 122 (The Diversity of Life)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 BIOL 207 (Anatomy & Physiology II)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 CHEM 101 (General Chemistry)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 PHYS 102 (General Physics II)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 PHYS 103 (Conceptual Physics)  TBA  TBA  TBA
 PHYS 202 (University Physics II)  TBA  TBA  TBA

Jayden M.
BIOL 101/114


Claudia F.
BIOL 121


Leah C.
BIOL 206



Victoria G.
Chem 101



Michelle K.
PHYS 103


Jonathan B.
PHYS 101/201