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Health Care Reform

Parking for Summit: Health Care Reform Law: Now What?

The Brock Commons Garage will be available for parking. The garage gate arms will be up from 5:00 - 6:30 to allow easy access.

To reach the Brock Commons Garage on the Longwood University Campus, you will turn off Main St. on to Redford St. across from McDonald's restaurant. Travel about 2 blocks and you dead end at the garage entrance.

Once in the garage, handicap parking is located immediately to the right after entering the facility. Use the garage elevator or stairs to reach the Brock Commons Pedestrian Mall. Once on the mall, walk to the right. Dorrill Hall will be just ahead on the right.



Federal Health Care Reform-Now what?

On March 23, 2010, President Barrack Obama signed The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. Shortly thereafter, he signed The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act to modify elements of the health care reform act that had fiscal implications.

Immediately after the bill was enacted into law, several states began filing challenges to it in federal court. The first challenge to make it to a hearing was the one filed by the attorney general of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli. Recently, several opposing judgments at the Federal Appeals Courts have been made regarding the constitutional mandate of individual purchasing of private health insurance by the general public.

The general public remains divided and confused about the provisions. The timing for the actual implementation of the new health care reform law adds to the public's uncertainty and support.

Furthermore, there is a dichotomy on the economic impact of the Health Care Reform Law and who will eventually pay for it.

In the coming weeks, several judicial and legislative challenges will be made for and against the Federal Health Care Reform Law. It is the purpose of this program to provide information and knowledge that will enable the citizenry of Longwood University, Farmville, and the Commonwealth of Virginia to fully participate in the process of deciding the delivery of health care in the US for the next several decades.


Longwood University Nursing Department
In collaboration with
The College of Business & Economics,
The College of Graduate & Professional Studies, & the
Social Work & Communications Sciences & Disorders Department

Federal Health Care Reform It's the Law. Now what?

A discussion on the complexity and controversy associated with The Health Care and Education Act of 2010 among Longwood University's student, faculty, staff, and local community members.

Special guest

William Hazel Secretary Health & Human Resources Commonwealth Virginia

William Hazel William Hazel, Secretary Health & Human Resources, Commonwealth Virginia

Additional guests will include:

George W. Dawson, President & CEO Centra health
Becky Bowers-Lanier, Legislative Coalition of VA Nurses
Bill Kallio, Senior State Director AARP Virginia
Margaret Riley, Professor University of Virginia Law School
Stuart Rosenberg, MD, President & CEO Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians
Scott Wentland, Assistant Professor Economics Longwood University

Sponsored by:

Longwood University President's Office
American Democracy Project
Longwood University Alumni Association
Centra Southside Community Hospital

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Longwood University
Lee Grand Room, Dorrill Dining Hall


Download the brochure for this event (pdf): HCR 2011 Brochure