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2010 CAFE Talks

CAFÉ Lunch Talks 2010

Spring 2010

January 20
Web 2.Oh!
Join us for an interactive journey through Web 2.0 that will sharpen your mind, challenge your thinking, and make you smile. Samples, examples and real stories will tell a tale of the emerging web, where content is king but the individual rules. Just like Web 2.0, participation is welcome!

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew J. Brovey, Director of Instructional Technology Services, Longwood University

February 23
What's a Wiki and How Can It Enhance My Instruction? 
This session is an open invitation to anyone who has used the Wiki tool (either in Blackboard or from another source) successfully in their teaching – or wants to learn how to use Wikis.  We would like to compile a list of 'effective ways to use Wiki's' during this lunch discussion and demonstrate a few of those applications.   Whether you know all about Wiki's or know absolutely nothing--this session is for you.  Learn and/or share how Wiki's can make your life easier and your students' learning better!

Panelists:  David Locascio, Billy Tucker, Peggy Agee, Robin Smith, Cindy Schmidt, David Shoenthal, Keith Rider, and Melissa Yeager.

March 25
Google Applications for Education
Google increasingly offers a variety of services through "cloud computing" that reach far beyond the capabilities of a search engine, and many of these have clear applications for higher education. Many universities and schools now use Google Applications for Education as part of their everyday work. Evans will discuss a variety of Google tools such as Scholar, Books, and Knol, the collaborative power and time-saving tricks of Reader, Documents, and Sites, as well as Voice and Wave. Each of the tools shown will have particular niche applications for those in higher education

Presenter: Amber Evans, Instructor, Faculty Development Center, Virginia Tech

April 14
Using and Grading Course Blogs and a Blog That Took On a Life of Its Own
What does it take to engage students in discussing their projects, thoughts, and their chosen fields during the class, outside of the class and after the class is over? It took 50 minutes to introduce art photography students to blogging and the results are beyond any expectations! But how do you grade the content? Come to learn about learning and teaching benefits of course-blogging in your disciplines.

Presenters: Anna Cox, Assistant Professor of Art, Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Assistant Instructional Design Librarian, Pam Tracy, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Bill Stuart, Associate Professor of Communication Studies 

Fall 2010

October 14
Cite This!
Dorill Dining Hall Annex

Are you and/or your students perplexed by new changes in citation standards? And what is a DOI anyway? Whether you work with Chicago, APA or MLA, etc. citation styles, please join us for a lively conversation about new guidelines, cool citation managers and how we communicate it all to each other and our students.

Panelists: Stephanie Buchert & Eric Laws (Psychology Department), Lara Golden (English & Modern Languages Department), and Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol (Library)

Powerpoint Presentation: Click to download the Microsoft Powerpoint files cafe_APA_style_presentation.pptx (445.6KB) Cafe_Lunch_MLA_Documentation_Golden.ppt (858.0KB)

Additional Links: More information about Zotero can be found here http://www.zotero.org/

November 10th
The Grant Writing Experience at Longwood University
Dorill Dining Hall Annex

Considering your limited time, what's the most efficient way to find and write grants, is there anyone on campus who can help in this process and how have others at Longwood done it successfully? Listen to individual grant writing experiences, discuss how to write successful grants and learn about resources available on campus to help you in this process.

Panelists: Courtney Hodges (Director of Corporate and Foundation), Thomas S. Akre (Assistant Professor of Biology), Katie Register (Executive Director, Clean Virginia Waterways and Program Director, Hull Springs Farm), Lissa Power de Fur (Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders), Patricia Howe (Head of Technical Services and Associate Professor, Greenwood Library) 

Powerpoint Presentation: Click to download the Microsoft Powerpoint file Foundation_Center_CAFE_2010.pptx (2.7MB)