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2009 CAFE Talks

CAFÉ Lunch Talks 2009

Fall 2009

September 24
Learning 2.0
How can I engage students in sharing their stories and research outside of traditional methods? Join us for a panel discussion about Longwood faculty using LibGuides and blogging to help student contextualize learning and build communities – in the virtual sphere.

Panelists: Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol, Assistant Instructional Design Librarian, Greenwood Library, Dr. Lee Bidwell, Professor of Sociology and Dr. Larissa Smith Fergeson, Associate Professor of History

November 17
Getting "Intensive": Writing and Speaking in Your Courses
How do I meet the intensive requirements without grading overload?  Am I doing enough/too much?  What does intensive mean in my discipline? Join us for a discussion about creating, teaching, and evaluating student speaking and writing.  Bring your successes and challenges to the lunch table.

Panelists: Dr. Pamela Tracy, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Dr. Kristen Welch, Assistant Professor of English, and Ms. Heather Lettner-Rust, Lecturer in English

October 22
Going Collaborative: Working with Colleagues from Other Disciplines to Create Interdisciplinary Courses
How do I begin the process of creating an interdisciplinary course? What does it look like? What does the organizational structure look like? How do I work with my colleague(s) on delivery, assignments and grading? Join us for a panel discussion about Longwood faculty creating, teaching, and evaluating interdisciplinary courses--all over a free lunch!

Panelists: Mr. Gene Muto, Professor of Theatre, Dr. Brett Hursey, Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Alix Fink, Assistant Professor of Biology, and Ms. Kerri Cushman, Assistant Professor of Art.