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International Studies

International Studies Minor

Longwood University offers an International Studies minor for those students who wish to devote a part of their education to learning about societies other than their own; it aims to give interested students an opportunity to supplement their academic major with a concentration of studies which will enhance an understanding of the larger world in which we must live and work.

Students who wish to participate in the minor should contact Dr. Lily Anne Goetz, Director of International Affairs, in Ruffner 146, goetzla@longwood.edu.

Requirements for 18-Credit Minor in International Studies

  • 9 credit hours in a modern language at the 201 level or above to include 330 or 331 (Culture and Civilization). Note: Modern Language majors must take all 18 hours in number 2 below.
  • 9 credit hours chosen from the following (no more than two courses from any one discipline may be chosen):

ANTH 204 Language and Culture/3 credits
ANTH 316 People of Africa/3 credits
ANTH 317 Peoples of the Pacific/3 credits
ANTH 320 Folklore/3 credits
ART 261 History of Prehistoric Ancient and Medieval Art in the Western World/3 credits
ART 262 History of Western Art: Renaissance to Contemporary/3 credits
BIOL 496 Research Projects in Biology/1-4 credits
CHEM 496 Research Projects in Chemistry/1-4 credits
ECON 307 Transition and Development to Free Markets/3 credits
ECON 319 International Economics/3 credits
GEOG 352 World Regional Geography/3 credits
GEOG 401 Geography of South and East Asia/3 credits
GEOG 402 Geography of Latin America/3 credits
GEOG 403 Geography of Europe/3 credits
GEOG 444 Political Geography/3 credits
GEOG 450 Geography of Contemporary Problem Areas/3 credits
GEOG 453 Geography of the Former Soviet Union/3 credits
HLTH 210 World Health Issues/3 credits
HIST 200 History of China/3 credits
HIST 307 United States Diplomatic History to 1898/3 credits
HIST 308 United States Diplomatic History from 1898/3 credits
HIST 314 Political History of Africa/3 credits
HIST 325 History of Latin America/3 credits
HIST 336 History of Japan/3 credits
HIST 355 Europe in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914/3 credits
HIST 356 Europe in the Twentieth Century, 1900-present/3 credits
HIST 359 Russian History to 1894/3 credits
HIST 360 Russian History Since 1894/3 credits
MARK 384 International Marketing/3 credits
PHIL 242 World Religions/3 credits
PHED/DANC 136 International Folk Dance/1 credit
POSC 314 Political History of Africa/3 credits
POSC 335 Western European Politics and Government/3 credits
POSC 336 Russian and Eastern European Government and Politics/3 credits
POSC 337 Asian Government and Politics/3 credits
POSC 375 Latin American Politics and government/3 credits
POSC 395 African Politics and Government/3 credits
POSC 441 International Relations/3 credits
POSC 442 International Law and organizations/3 credits
POSC 469 Soviet Diplomacy/3 credits
THEA 332 Non-Western Performance/3 credits