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2010 Faculty & Staff News

Dr. William Stuart and Dr. Larissa Smith Fergeson presented a paper at the AAUP fall conference

November 18, 2010

Dr. William Stuart, associate professor of communication studies, and Dr. Larissa Smith Fergeson, associate professor of history, presented a paper at the fall conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), held Nov. 12-14 in Washington, D.C.

The paper, "The Report that Wouldn't Die: Lessons from a Faculty Attitudes Survey," was about the process surrounding a survey of the faculty's perceptions of the state of the university, conducted on behalf of the Faculty Senate. The researchers assert that creating a survey specific to one's institution allows faculty leaders to assess issues or needs particular to their institution and elicit more candid responses from faculty, and it enables faculty leaders to move beyond anecdotal evidence and use data to represent faculty views to the administration. As a result, faculty leaders can increase their credibility with both faculty and administrators in policy discussions and shared governance.

The pre-design work and the design review for the survey were completed by the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Self Assessment, which included, in addition to Dr. Fergeson and Dr. Stuart, Dr. Linwood Cousins, Dr. Joseph Garcia, Dr. James Haug, Liz Kocevar-Weidinger and Dr. Glenda Taylor. The survey was conducted in May 2009.