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2010 Faculty & Staff News

Dr. Kristen Dayle Welch is the author of a recently published book about Pentecostal women preachers

July 20, 2010

Dr. Kristen Welch Dr. Kristen Welch

Dr. Kristen Dayle Welch, Assistant Professor of English, is the author of a recently published book, 'Women with the Good News': The Rhetorical Heritage of Pentecostal Holiness Women Preachers. The 136-page paperback, published July 12 by CPT Press, is described by the publisher as "the first book to share interviews with women preachers of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC). Dr. Welch explores rhetoric, gender, and religion in the biographies, autobiographies, and histories that detail what it means to be a Pentecostal woman preacher in Oklahoma. Archival materials provide a picture of Pentecostalism years before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, and a transcribed interview with the former Presiding Bishop of the IPHC, James Leggett, gives a contemporary view of what it means to be a Pentecostal in the 21st century. A Christian scholar who grew up in the IPHC, Dr. Welch draws upon the field of rhetoric to use Jim Corder's theory of generative ethos to illuminate the way identity is constructed on individual, collective and spiritual levels." Dr. Welch is director of the Writing Center and has taught at Longwood since 2007. The publisher, affiliated with the Centre for Pentecostal Theology, is a peer-reviewed academic press based in Cleveland, Tenn.