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2011 News Releases

Actions by Longwood Board of Visitors

December 16, 2011

Longwood University

The Longwood University Board of Visitors took the following actions during its meeting Dec. 2-3:

  • approved revisions to the policy for the Southside Higher Education Consortium in which students will pay by the credit hour. Longwood students who take a class at a participating institution will be charged by Longwood at the rate for on-campus classes posted at the per-hour rate. Full-time degree program students at any one of the participating institutions may enroll in certain courses at any other of the participating institutions without added expense. Longwood, Hampden-Sydney College, Southside Virginia Community College and St. Paul's College make up the consortium, which facilitates the exchange of educational resources and services.
  • approved revisions related to the release of directory information in the Longwood policy on Student Records and Annual Notification (Policy 1007), which complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The changes will allow the registrar to provide information about awards and honors separately from information about degrees received. Under the current wording of the old policy, the information about degrees and awards could only be released together.
  • approved revisions to Police Department policies and regulations, including the policies for the Emergency Alert System (Policy 5606) Motor Vehicle Parking and Traffic Regulations (Policy 3405, previously 7305) and Weapons on Campus (Policy 3409, previously 7309). The Emergency Alert System policy, which replaces two earlier policies on text messaging and the siren alert system, spells out how the three color-coded threat conditions are evaluated and categorized, as well as what alert actions are taken. Changes and updates in the parking and traffic regulations address 24/7 zone parking, online registration and ticket appeal, and the parking policy for students from partner institutions who attend Longwood classes. The weapons on campus policy establishes a protocol for how weapons are stored on campus. The changes also include a new regulation, "Regulation on Prohibiting Weapons at Longwood University," that will become law in about two weeks. This regulation will become law not only for Longwood students, employees and contractors but also for anyone who visits the Longwood campus.
  • approved a new policy that combines what had been Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct policies. The revisions were prompted by recent actions by the U.S. Office of Civil Rights, which appears to be stepping up enforcement of civil rights statutes and in April 2011 distributed an updated compliance document outlining recommended and required policies and procedures. Longwood's new policy defines "consent" in sexual relationships, uses an investigation process followed by a possible hearing, specifies personnel to contact regarding sexual misconduct complaints, uses a "preponderance of evidence" standard, allows interim remedies intended not to burden the complainant, allows for communicating results of any investigation/hearing to both complainant and respondent, and allows for an appeal of a hearing for both complainant and respondent.
  • approved a new Fixed Assessments Management policy (Policy 4204). The policy has been created to ensure that the university's fixed assets are acquired, safeguarded, controlled, disposed of and accounted for in accordance with state and federal regulations, audit requirements and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • extended the contract of Dr. Ken Perkins as interim vice president for academic affairs for an additional year.