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2011 News Releases

Reception for freshmen in Longwood nursing program hosted by Centra Southside Community Hospital

November 28, 2011

Reception for freshmen in Longwood nursing program hosted by Centra Southside Community Hospital
Dr. Edward Gordon (seated), Longwood President Patrick Finnegan (next to him), and Centra officials Claudia Meinhard (red top in front row, near right end) and Patti McCue (gray suit, next to her) welcomed the freshmen in Longwood's nursing program, standing behind them.

A reception for the Class of 2015 in Longwood University's Nursing Program was hosted recently by Centra Southside Community Hospital (CSCH) at the Farmville Train Station.

Those who spoke at the reception included E.W. Tibbs, CEO of CSCH; Michael Bryant, CEO and president of Centra; Longwood President Patrick Finnegan; and Dr. Melody Eaton, chair of the Nursing Program. Among others who spoke were Claudia Meinhard, chief nursing officer at CSCH, and Patti McCue, senior vice president of patient care services.

Dr. Edward Gordon, a Farmville physician who donated $1 million to fund a clinical simulation center in the Nursing Department, received special recognition at the reception. In another example of collaboration between Longwood and CSCH, the chair of the latter's board of directors is Dr. Stephen Keith, assistant professor of education at Longwood.

"We are very excited to continue partnering with Centra Southside Community Hospital to educate our newest cohort of 44 freshman nursing students," Dr. Eaton said. "We now have three levels and a total of 112 outstanding future professional nurses. Our warmest thanks goes out to Centra for welcoming this group of nursing students. With Centra's help, we will continue to make a difference in this region."

In addition to the 44 freshmen, there are 36 sophomores and 32 juniors in the Bachelor of Science nursing program, which was launched in fall 2009.