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2011 News Releases

PHETE majors review American Heart Association materials for SOL content

November 4, 2011

PHETE majors review American Heart Association materials for SOL content
Pictured L to R: Erin Neal, Stephen Shockley, Julianne Sponsler, Amanda Sturgis, Ronnie Brown, Kate Culhane, Jack Jennison, and Alexandra Kitchen.

For the sixth consecutive year, Longwood students enrolled in Dr. Vonnie Colvin's "Teaching Middle School Physical Education" course are reviewing the educational materials used by the American Heart Association for its Jump Rope for Heart event. Jump Rope For Heart is an annual event held in schools where children have fun jumping rope, learning about their hearts and how to keep them healthy, all while raising life-saving donations for the American Heart Association. 

"Everyone benefits as this activity permits the Longwood students to become familiar with all subject areas for the standards of learning and it is a terrific service project to assist the schools in the Commonwealth," said Dr. Colvin, professor of physical education.

The instructional materials for Jump Rope for Heart provide information about all aspects of wellness as well as activities that can be performed in the gymnasium and the classroom to reinforce the content.  As part of their coursework, the Longwood students evaluate the materials and correlate each activity to a corresponding Virginia Standard of Learning. Since the activities are inter-disciplinary, all subject areas are addressed. Through this correlation, teachers around the Commonwealth are able to utilize the AHA resources to assist in meeting various SOLs. The names of the students who work on the project accompany every instructional packet sent to the schools.

For more information about Jump Rope for Heart, visit the American Heart Association website.

Jump Rope For Heart