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2011 News Releases

Board of Visitors approves Six-Year Plan for 2012-18 and support agreement for new student housing at Lancer Park

September 14, 2011

Fall Colors

The Longwood University Board of Visitors took the following actions during its meeting Sept. 9-10, 2011:

  • approved the Six-Year Plan for 2012-18. The Plan is a requirement of the Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011, which requires the university to address the goals of graduating more Virginia students, granting more Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) degrees, shortening time to degrees, and making higher education more accessible and affordable.
  • approved a support agreement (between the university and the Longwood Real Estate Foundation) for the new student housing to be built at Lancer Park. This housing, construction of which will begin Sept. 19 with occupancy expected by fall 2013, will replace the beds currently in the Cunningham residence halls, which will be torn down. The project will include two four-and-a-half-story residence halls, each of 201,000 square feet, facing each other across an open-ended quadrangle, with a 13,000-square foot "commons" building in between on one end. A similar agreement is currently in place for Longwood's three existing apartment communities.
  • approved providing up to $445,000 from the university's General Auxiliary Reserve Fund for new athletic scoreboards. All six of the athletic scoreboards are old and outdated and need to be replaced. Replacement parts for the current scoreboards are difficult to find, and the lights are difficult to operate. New scoreboards will be more efficient.
  • approved non-credit course fees for the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program that will begin in January 2012. The program, expected to attract a large number of international students, will consist of two seven-week sessions during the fall semester and again in the spring semester and an intensive 10-week session in the summer. All ESL classes are non-credit bearing. Students who successfully complete the program will be eligible for regular admission as a degree-seeking student. ESL students may opt to only take English classes, though some may change their mind and apply to become degree-seeking students.
  • approved revisions to administrative policies concerning recruitment and selection of Instructional Faculty, Administrative and Professional, classified and wage employees. The revisions to Policy 5228 (Recruitment and Selection) include the requirement that fingerprint-based criminal background investigations be conducted for positions deemed "sensitive," which in the Code of Virginia are those "generally described as directly responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the general populace or protection of critical infrastructures." The identification of such positions is left up to each agency or institution, based on the state's definition. Two former policies at Longwood, 5203: Applicant Background Investigations and 5229: Recruitment Costs, were incorporated into Policy 5228.
  • reaffirmed Longwood's Policy on Student Military Mobilization, as required by the state. Under the policy, the incompletes for students who are called up for military service can have a longer lifespan than for a typical student; students don't have to re-qualify for admission if they're out five or fewer years; and their textbooks will be refunded by Longwood Barnes & Noble Bookstore. The Longwood Board of Visitors approved a Policy on Student Military Mobilization in 2002, and in September 2010 the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia approved a resolution adopting the revised Virginia Tuition Relief, Refund, and Reinstatement Guidelines. The revised Guidelines encourage generous textbook return and refund policies for students forced to withdraw from a class due to military service. Each institution is required to review and revise its specific military re-instatement policies and seek approval of these policies from its governing board.
  • affirmed the hiring of new faculty.
  • approved certificates of appreciation for, and presented them to, former Board members John B. Adams Jr., Otis L. Brown, and Chin Han "Hank" Kim. Their terms expired June 30. During their time on the Board, Adams had served as rector and Brown as vice rector. Brown is still a member of the Longwood Real Estate Foundation Board. Kim is a 1990 Longwood graduate.