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2011 News Releases

Longwood Board of Visitors approves property acquisitions and defers action on tuition increase

March 31, 2011

Longwood University

The Longwood Board of Visitors during its meeting March 25-26 took the following actions:

  • deferred action on tuition and fees for the 2011-12 academic year until the Board meeting May 14.
  • approved the purchase of a building in Farmville for the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts and the purchase of land on U.S. 460 for a biomass fuel depot.

    The building acquired by the LCVA will enable the LCVA to end the lease that has been used for a nearby building, provide adequate storage conditions for its collections, and provide better office space for its Volunteer Management and Education offices. The acquisition of property for a biomass fuel depot, which will be used to collect, process and store sawdust, will allow Longwood to stockpile large quantities of sawdust and better manage the fuel supply. Longwood has since 1983 burned wood products for heating fuel, which saves an estimated $2.1 million-$2.4 million annually.
  • approved allocating funds from the university's General Auxiliary Reserve Fund for certain projects including the purchase of the building for the LCVA and the biomass fuel depot and for repairs and maintenance for Longwood House and the Longwood Bed & Breakfast facility.
  • approved the ranks of Clinical Educator and Senior Clinical Educator. These ranks, which parallel those of lecturer and senior lecturers, will apply to full-time personnel with clinical responsibilities who have been without faculty status within the university. Longwood currently employs such personnel in the departments of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Social Work, and Nursing. This move, which will have no effect on university resources, will establish faculty lines that recognize these positions, evaluation criteria, and promotion opportunities. This was recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee on Clinical Faculty, which studied the roles and responsibilities of clinical faculty in a variety of academic programs in the university, and was approved by the Faculty Senate in February 2011.
  • approved revisions to administrative policies regarding the Dress Code (Policy 5210). The revisions clarify policies for "dress down" day on the last Friday of each month and all other Fridays, which will be considered "Spirit Day."
  • approved revisions to Information and Instructional Technology policy regarding Incident Response (Policy 6132). The policy was rewritten to include Level 2 requirements and to better meet the needs of the incident responders. The Board also stipulated that an annual report of data-related incidents be compiled and submitted to the Board.
  • approved revisions to the Student Handbook regarding the alcohol sanction fees for first and second offenses, and dining hall access. The fee for the first alcohol violation was increased from $50 to $75, and the second offense fee was raised from $75 to $100. Under Longwood's alcohol policy, students guilty of a third violation are expelled.
  • approved a certification stating the Longwood has complied with the Board-approved Debt Management Policy. As required by the Code of Virginia, each institution of higher education must comply with a debt management policy that has been approved by its board of visitors. Longwood's debt management policy was last approved in March 2009.
  • approved a resolution affirming Longwood's Policy for Acceptance of Advanced Placement and international Baccalaureate Transfer Credit. Longwood's policy has been in place for several years and predates Virginia legislation that institutions have policies for awarding credit for AP and IP courses.
  • discussed the mandate from the Governor's office regarding § 23-38.87:17 Institutional six-year plans that states "The governing board of each public institution of higher education shall develop and adapt biennially and amend or affirm annually a six-year plan for the institution and shall submit that plan to the Council, the Governor, and the Chairs of the House Committee on Appropriations and the Senate Committee on Finance no later than July 1 of each odd-numbered year, and shall submit amendments to or an affirmation of that plan no later than July 1 of each even-numbered year or at any other time permitted by the Governor or General Assembly." This mandate supports The Virginia Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2011. Longwood University will develop a draft of the Six-Year Plan for Longwood University for review at the meeting of the Board of Visitors on June 16-18 with final approved draft to be submitted to Richmond by July 1, 2011.

 The next meeting of the Board of Visitors will follow commencement on May 14.