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2010 News Releases

Lancer Productions receives six regional awards

October 15, 2010

Lancer Productions receives multiple awards Longwood employee and Lancer Productions adviser Bill Boulden with (from left) Lancer Productions members Mary Shannon Stubbs, Abby Whitlock, Sarah Nicholls and Melissa Dillard

Longwood University, through Lancer Productions, was the biggest winner recently in the South Regional Conference of the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA), taking home six awards.

The awards - four for Lancer Productions, the university's primary student programming board, and another two for its adviser - were the most from among the 100 schools from nine states that attended the conference, held Oct 7-10 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

"This was a great feat," said Billy Boulden, adviser to Lancer Productions and assistant director of student activities. "Only two schools, James Madison University and Florida International University, received two awards, and no other school won more than one award."

The awards for Lancer Productions were the Outstanding Delegation Award, the Campus Activities Marketplace (CAMP) Award, the Outstanding Multicultural Program Award, and, in the graphics competition, the award for the best School Member/Professionally Designed Website. Boulden's awards were the Shuronda H. Smith Outstanding New Professional Award and the Outstanding Collaborative Educational Session Award. For each of these award categories, only one award was presented.

The Longwood delegation consisted of Boulden and Lancer Productions members Missy Dillard, president, and Sarah Nicholls, Zach Sneed, Jessica Snyder, Mary Shannon Stubbs and Abby Whitlock. Nicholls, Snyder and Whitlock are seniors, Dillard and Stubbs are juniors, and Sneed is a sophomore.

The Outstanding Delegation Award is given to the delegation that excels in all areas of conference activity. The CAMP Award is similar, recognizing a delegation for its on-site participation and performance but, unlike all other awards, is voted on by attenders from agencies, rather than by the NACA South Awards Committee. The students most responsible for the CAMP award were Dillard, Whitlock, Stubbs and Nicholls.

The Outstanding Multicultural Program Award recognized Lancer Productions' "African Awareness" program, cosponsored with the Black Student Association, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, S.E.A.L., the Residential and Commuter Life Advisory Board, and the Office of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services and assisted by a Parents Council grant. The program included I Claim the Dream, a one-act play depicting famous African-American women throughout history, the screening of the film Hotel Rwanda, and lectures by Paul Rusesabagina, portrayed in the film, and Michel Chikwanine, a former child soldier from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who fled war in his native country and now is a motivational speaker.

The Outstanding Collaborative Educational Session Award was for a session presented by Boulden and Melissa Boyle Aronson, president of Babco Entertainment, the middle agency Longwood used last spring (and will use again in 2011) to plan Spring Weekend. The session, "Making Your Festival Event a Success," which had to be approved prior to the conference, was based on Spring Weekend planning.

The Lancer Productions website (http://lancerproductions.longwood.edu/) was developed during the 2009-2010 academic year by CRT/tanaka, a Richmond-based marketing firm, in consultation with Boulden. The site was up and running in January 2010. Lancer Productions plans and implements social, educational and cultural events, including Spring Weekend, for the student body.

The Shuronda H. Smith Award is presented to a professional staff member who has been in the field of campus activities for one to three years and at an NACA member school in the South Region for at least one year. "It is given, according to the official criteria, to someone who has made a significant contribution to campus life as a campus activities professional and has demonstrated the potential and commitment for excellence in service to student leaders," said Boulden.

Boulden was the special events coordinator for the conference and will serve as the Showcase Production coordinator at next year's conference. The person in this position coordinates and supervises the presentations of the showcases at regional events and schedules acts in each of the showcase activities.

In addition to the awards, two Lancer Productions members who attended, Zach Sneed and Jessica Snyder, were among eight attenders who had been selected ahead of time as members of the conference's stage crew. "This is considered an honor," Boulden said. Working on the crew involves loading and unloading trucks; moving, lifting and placing equipment; assembling and setting up band equipment, sound, lights and staging equipment; and operating various lights and stage curtains; and other tasks.

The Shuronda Smith Award was presented Oct. 8, and the other awards were given Oct. 9. Some 750 people from the 100 member schools attended the conference, along with 100 associate members from agencies.

NACA advances campus activities in higher education through a business and learning partnership, creating educational and business opportunities for its school and professional members. Established in 1960 to help increase the buying power of campus programming dollars, NACA has more than 1,000 college and university members and nearly 650 associate members who represent artists, lecturers and performers.