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2009 News Releases

Dr. Helen Warriner-Burke elected to Chair of Longwood Board of Visitors

June 18, 2009

For the first time in over five years, the Longwood University Board of Visitors will be led by one of its own-Dr. Helen Warriner-Burke, Class of 1956. Dr. Warriner-Burke, a retired educator, was elected as rector of the Board of Visitors during its recent meeting on campus. Other board elections included Otis Brown, vice rector; Jane Brooke, '63, secretary; and Hank Kim, '90, member-at-large. Dr. Warriner-Burke, who had been secretary, succeeds Marge Connelly as rector.

The Board of Visitors took the following additional actions on June 12:

  • approved the internal operating budget of $93,152,170 for fiscal year 2009-2010.
  • approved a budget reduction plan for fiscal year 2009-2010. Longwood's additional budget reduction for FY 2009-10 was 10 percent, or $2,713,753. The state Department of Planning and Budget has required that institutions of higher education submit budget reduction plans for FY 2009-10, which must be approved by the institutions' boards.
  • approved an audit plan for 2009-2010.
  • approved an addition to tenure procedures. The addition states "Once submitted to the department chair and the department promotion and tenure committee for their consideration, the file is considered complete. Additional information cannot be added to the file after it has been submitted at the department level." The subcommittee for Promotion and Tenure thought that current procedures for compiling and submitting a file for tenure consideration needed to be clarified.
  • approved a policy on "Stopping the Tenure Clock," a process that, under certain circumstances, would extend the probationary period between the time a faculty member begins employment and the tenure decision. Essentially the only two criteria for stopping the clock are childbirth or adoption of a child (one or both parents or guardians may apply), or "other factors beyond the employee's control that significantly detract from the employee's academic record," including severe illness or disability, natural disasters such as floods or fires, or faculty who have taken leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. The policy will be inserted as Item 8 on page 96 of the Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • approved a clarification in eligibility policy in the Faculty Connections Program. Eligibility is open to any tenured member of the teaching faculty who has been employed at Longwood for at least three years on a full-time basis (as has already been the case), "or who has completed at least six years of full-time service since receiving any previous connections or sabbatical leave," according to the new policy. The change is consistent with the requirement that faculty members have completed at least six years of full-time service since receiving a previous sabbatical leave.
  • approved additions to procedures for the Faculty Awards Committee. The additions, which will be included in page 240 of the Faculty Policies and Procedures Manual, clarify who can be involved in the decision-making process and how often a faculty member can receive an award.
  • approved revisions to administrative policies concerning Policy 5201, Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation on the Basis of Disability, and Policy 5221, Leave Sharing. The Board approved similar revisions to the Student Handbook regarding Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation on the Basis of Disability.
  • named the lobby and garden area of the new Center for Communication Studies and Theatre in honor of Longwood benefactor Jack Blanton. In 2006 Longwood received 230 of Blanton's artworks, many of which will be installed in the Jack Blanton Gallery, in hallways throughout the building, and the Jack Blanton Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the building. Blanton, former chairman of the LCVA Advisory Board, is a retired Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond vice president who lives in North Palm Beach, Fla.

The next meeting of the Longwood Board of Visitors will be held September 11-12, 2009 on campus.