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Cover Story

Four Cormier Scholars Featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education featuring Cormier Scholars

As part of our overall integrated marketing plan, Longwood University launched an institutional campaign in the Chronicle of Higher Education during the latter part of the spring semester. The image-enhancing campaign was designed to influence the opinion leaders of higher education through the Chronicle, which is recognized as the number one national publication for higher education.

The campaign features four Longwood students from the Cormier Honors College for Citizen Scholars and includes testimonials in half-page color ads designed by Longwood’s agency, CRT/tanaka. Starring in the campaign were Longwood students Jay Crowell, Kisha Johnson, Lindsay Pasch, and Madison Stevens. Here’s what they had to say ...


Jay CrowellJay Crowell Senior, French Education Major, Linguist Extraordinaire

"I spent an entire semester working one-on-one with my faculty mentor. You’re forced to use the language every day, and you can’t be shy! I hope to challenge my students as Longwood has challenged me."

Jay Crowell reflects the "esprit de corps" of all Cormier Honors College Scholars by living and breathing his major. Crowell recently translated and analyzed 19th century texts to write and present a 20-page critique of masculine identity in the works of Émile Zola – all in French. Outside the classroom, everything from his iPod to his Facebook account is set to his beloved second language.

Kisha JohnsonKisha Johnson
 Junior, Business Major, Hard-Charging CEO

"For me, business success is not about living in a mansion with a pool. It’s about sharing a light with other people."

Kisha Johnson uses her love of finance to make music for thousands of gospel fans. And she’s growing market share. As CEO for the local gospel band "Ordained," the Cormier Honors College Scholar is selling out church concerts, cutting CDs and landing Black Entertainment Television appearances for the 12-person troupe. All while maintaining a 3.7 GPA in Longwood’s College of Business and Economics.


PaschLindsay Pasch Senior, Athletic Training Major, Problem-Solver

"These schools are just as at risk as any others. I identified the problem, and the Cormier Honors College gave me the support and resources to create my program. It was great introducing a new generation of students to the field!"

Lindsay Pasch is off and running – and helping others to do the same. Pasch recognized the need for athletic trainers in many Central Virginia high schools and set out to do what she could to fill the gap. Through Longwood’s Cormier Honors College, she organized a series of training workshops to educate students on the basics of injury evaluation and treatment.



Madison Stevens Senior, Biology Major, Division I Athlete, Future Cancer Fighter

"What’s cool for me is really seeing the connection between research and patient outcomes. Longwood opened my eyes, and I’m more excited than ever about medical school."

When not scoring for Longwood University’s women’s soccer team, Maddie Stevens is mastering one of the fundamentals of cancer research. As a Cormier Honors College Scholar, Stevens has unique access to labs, faculty and opportunities that keep her passionate about her studies. And her DNA microarray research is discovering and interpreting gene expression trends.